My babies Daddy!

Fathers Day - Jackson wouldn't scoot closer

Steve is always cold, no matter where we are his is bundled up. We were on Hunington beach in JULY!
Everytime he gets hold of the camera he takes a close up. I have a ton of these pictures. What a hottie!
Olive Oil & Popeye
From the moment Steve became a dad, he was great at it. When Jackson was a baby and still waking up in the middle of the night to eat Steve would get up and bring him to me. Jackson was such a daddys boy and Steve couldn't get enough of him. Steve is such a great dad and works so hard. He wakes up at 2:30 in the morning, and sometimes not getting home till 7 at night then having to go to bed an hour later. Yet he still finds time to play ball with Jackson. I am so lucky to have such a great and extremely handsome guy around to be my partner. I know I couldn't do it without him, and he wouldn't let me.
I asked Jackson some questions to day about his dad and these were his answers

How old is your dad-69
What's your dad's fav. food- Shrimp
What color are his eyes - Green
What's your dad's favorite thing to do- Play ball
What's your daddy's name-Stephen
Why do you love your daddy-he plays cars, goes shopping, plays games, watches t.v. and goes to church


Mary Ann said...

I love Jackson's answers. Cute pictures. It is so nice to have a husband that helps out... makes life so much easier!

Suzy Cummard said...

Cute! He looks 69! wink.
Steve is such a hard worker!!
Also, such a cheeser!
I love his odd (quiet) sense of humor. Only some people can get Steve. Glad to be one of them...at least sometimes.

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

I bet Stephen is an awesome Dad. I am so proud of him for all of his hard work. He cracks me up!

Mandy Abbott said...

Hey Crystal! Your boys are adorable! I love the questions you asked Jackson! I did the same type of questions for Hailey to make Kenney a card.... she said he can lift tenty-seventy pounds!These little ones really look up to their daddies! They are really old and really strong!

Sarah's Nonsense said...

I always love hearing what little kids have to say on little questionnaires like that! It's always so fun. (P.S. LOVE that ya'll dressed up as Olive Oil and Popeye). I missed that!

Anonymous said...

I asked Owen questions about his dad, he said that Stewart was 7 yrs old. So it looks like I like the youngsters and you like the oldies. Sorry we havent called you back, life has been crazy. Owen asks everyday if Jackson is going to be at school he misses him. Are you going to Kais party on sat? We need to get togther soon.

Malia said...

I laughed at this picture because in my mind I thought "That is such a cute shirt", then I realized you were dressed up!