No I am not talking about the Gorilla. When Jackson was younger he used to call my brother Colin, Coco, we don't know why but we continue to call him this. Yesterday was Colin's birthday but my internet was down so this birthday wish is a day late, so I will make it extra good. Colin is 2 years younger than me, but 3 in school so we didn't have the opportunity to go to school together past elementary. I really wish I had since my brother is such a stud, he has always been a ladies man even when he was little he had his first girlfriend about 10 yrs. before I had my first boyfriend (pathetic I know). Colin is a real competitor who hates to loose and loves to argue, which since I love to argue too we are constantly arguing, in a happy way. Colin is super handsome, and often gets mistaken for being chinese/mexican. He loves GI Joes and is still seen playing with them. Colin is such a great uncle, since he got back from his mission when Jackson was 1 year old, Colin has been the best. Always playing with the boys and taking Jackson places. Colin is such a great brother. There have been so many times in my life where he was really there for me, no matter what. Love you Coco hope you had a great B-day.
Here are a couple of pics of my bro, I wished my scanner worked because he was the cutest little kid you have ever seen. Even when his eyes were swollen shut from the chicken pox that I gave him.


Malia said...

Happy Birthday Colon!