Jackson's 5 day Birthday

Jackson started off his birthday this year on Friday for his Star Wars Sleepover Party! It was so much fun, the whole day he could not way for everyone to get there and to show his friends the cake. Which I decided to make after all the cakes I looked at were pretty lame and I thought I could make a cheaper one with toys on it that he can keep for less money. H loved the spaceship I put on the cake, he played with it all day until I made him give it to me so we could put it on the cake and as soon as we ate the cake he wanted it back to play with. So the party consisted of a bunch of boys playing Light Sabers, Jumping in the Bouncer and hitting golf balls ( which got a little dangerous so we took the clubs away) They roasted hot dogs for dinner, Killed a Darth Vader pinata and ate cake and ran around being boys. I actually think it was a way easy party because it was boys, they required no enertaining. During the Pinata the kids used their light sabers, no one even made a dent in it till Cooper who was last had the bright idea to turn the light saber around to induce maximum force, which it did. After the kids went home that weren't sleeping over the night got a whole lot easier. The boys put their p.j.'s on and layed down for Star Wars. They were all so good, Jackson was even passing around his space ship so everyone got a chance to play with it. by 10:00 all of the boys were sleeping except for Jackson, which wasn't a shocker he always stays up for the whole movie, he even went and ate some more cake.

Here are the kids scavenging for the candy.

What is a birthday party withought a tantrum or 2. Luckily there were only 2 breakdowns that night from Jackson.

His super awesome cake

Jackson seems to have recieved some help blowing out the candles from Parker and Brody

Jackson eating cake while the rest of the boys are sleeping. Thats my boy

Saturday the next morning his cousin was up by 6:30 and got the rest of them up, after that they just played outside again. I gotta tell you it was a pretty easy party considering. Jackson had a great time. Later that day Jackson went shopping with Grandma C, Yo & M for their birthday's. Where they get to pick out gifts with an alloted amount of money ( Cheryl is a school teacher and always looking for an opportunity for the children to learn) Jackson thought this was so cool, he came home with one gift and Cheryl wraps the rest.

On Sunday we had dinner for Colin, Heather, Jackson and Lance ( my stepdad). Since all of their Birthday's were in a week of eachothers.

Eating breakfast with his toys

Dancing with his friend who plays his favorite song "I like to Move it Move it" from the movie Madagascar

My mom with Jackson and his gifts

Lance, Jackson, Heather and Colin

Monday was Jackson's actual birthday, when he woke up we had his presents for him on the couch ( which is how we always did it in my family) then we took him to AH-SO for his B-day lunch he LOVES sushi. My dad, jenny,colin, heather, uncle teddy, and travis all came. It was so great the waitress Kim at AH-SO loves Jackson ( they really know our family since Stephen is pretty much a regular) they even made him fruit cupcakes out of oranges, pineapple and cherries with an onion flower and then proceeded to sing to him. Jackson loved it. I asked him what he wanted to do after and he wanted to play with his friends and cousins but most of them were at school so I called Jill up so Jack could play with Brody.

His new t-ball glove

His new apron for my little chef

Tuesday the last day of birthday wishes, he got to bring a treat to school and they sang to him and he got a crown. Later that night it was Yo & Ms birthday party at BOUNCE-U. This place is great they do everything for you. All of the kids loved it, so now Jackson's birthday festivities are over except for the fact that he still has not gotten his gifts from Grandma Cheryl which he asks about every single day all day. It is driving me a little nuts.


Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

This looks like it was an AWESOME birthday bash! What a great idea to let them use their light sabers to hit the pinata! The photos are so cute!

Jenna said...

Wow, you sure know how to throw a party!!! happy birthday jack!

Kristina said...

Can I just say--what 5 year old eats sushi?? That is sooooo cool!!

Anonymous said...

Owen had so much fun at the party. Please email me those pictures they are so cute. How did you get them to all sit down long enough to take them. You are good!

Lyle and Jaime said...

What a lucky kid to have so many people who love him! When it is our kid's birthdays it seems like we celebrate for the whole month. It looks like he had a lot of fun. Have you ever eaten at Ichi Ban on Alma School and Baseline? We switched to them from Ah So. We think it tastes so much better.

Suzy Cummard said...

Glad to know I am not the only one that the birthday last for a week!

Zilla is FOUR? HOLY COW. The posse is gettin old!

Lynsey said...

WOW cystal you must have ALOT of patience to have all those boys stay the night:) Youre such a fun mom!!! Happy Happy Birthday Jackson

Lynsey said...

I forgot to say, your dad looks just the same, maybe minus the grey J/K!! Youll have to tell him Hi for me who knows if he remembers who I am.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. My name is Sterling Reece too.

Anonymous said...


You don't know me, but i have a question for you. Your friends Sarah and Lee is that Cummard? If so his mother - her in law -(Cheryl) was my 6th grade teacher. I have been trying to retrieve her e-mail so i may share with her what i have learned as she had impacted my education. If so please e-mail me her e-mail. If not i apologize, ignore and delete. Have a good morning!