Schnepf Farm Part 1- Fieldtrip

Yesterday was Jackson's class fiedltrip to Schnepf farms. This year he has some close friends that we were able to hang out with there so I am sure it made it alot better than last year when it was just me and him walking around the park. Thanks to Mel and Brooke for for making it a way better trip, course the boys kind of took control and showed us around the farm. From the minute we got there they were hugging like a bunch of nerds and holding hands running around! They got a new ride this year a Rollercoaster, and Jackson was so excited to go on it, Kai and Owen however needed some convincing. They went on all by themselves and their faces were priceless, amazed, terrified, thrilled etc. As soon as they got off they were already wanting to go again. I guess they liked it. We rode the train and petted the nasty animals, the bad part of the trip was that it was super hot and we had no sunscreen so we got fried ( poor Huddy and his glowing skin got the worst of it.) After all that was over all the boys got to pick out their free pumpkin in the patch ( we took pictures first with the big pumpkins but they had to get the little ones). It was a great fieldtrip though I wish it was a little cooler.


Anonymous said...

That was so much fun I am really glad we went. Thanks for the good time. What is Owen going to do with out his 2 best buddies when we move? The kids dont have school all next week, lets get togehter some time

Cummards said...

I am dying laughing at this line "from the minute we got there they were holding hands like a bunch of nerds running around" Or something like that. I wonder where he gets it from? Cute pictures though, and it looks like so much fun. You are always doing fun activities, and going fun places with your boys!

Jamie W. said...

That looks like so much fun. Love all the pictures.