My Little One Year Old

That is right my baby is One Year Old. He is just the cutest thing and more fun than ever. He is such a person now now and I just love it. He is my little Climber ever time I turn around he is climbing up the steps in the bathroom, or the chair in his room, the stairs at my moms house and on the desk at Cheryl's, or on Jackson's bed. One of his favorite games to do ever since he learned how to climb on and off the couch is to throw something up there then climb up and get it throw it back down and do it all over again. He also still loves Elmos World, putting it on is the only thing that can calm him during a tantrum or make him sit down laugh and dance for 15 min. He also loves music and dancing and is always boping to the music. He has now learned how to open doors and goes into the pantry about 10 times a day gets a box of cereal and brings it to me to get some out for him. Yes he is as obsessed with Cereal as dad and big. brother. Course we just learned that he may be lactose intolerant so he has been taken off milk and is strictly on soy milk and other liquids besides milk. So No more cereal with dad. Which used to be his favorite time of the day. Huddy LOVES his daddy and as soon as he hears his voice when he gets home he is running as fast as his little legs will take him with a HUGE grin on his face to see him and cuddle. He is also now walking which started the same week as his birthday, and he looks so cute while doing it. He is such a happy baby and almost everytime I take him anywhere he is just perfect, he is also so loving towards other people, Jackson was already such a rough houser at this age so the change in pace is quite refreshing. In fact most times he is the one getting pushed around, he hasn't learned to fight back which is such a blessing. Some of his favortie toys are the new Elmo phone which we got him for his birthday, the little pillow to the tiny kids couch at Grandma Cheryl's which he holds onto constantly, his fire truck, his balls which he carries everywhere, his binkies which he can carry around 4 at a time. He loves to talk and will just sit there practically yelling at you like you understand I love it. He hates to be thrown in the air or thrown back , he gets scared so easily. He loves dogs. He is my little man and I can't wit to spend the next year with him.


Suzy Cummard said...

Hudson & That wierd pillow. IT KILLS ME!!
I love it.

He really is so sweet.

I love you MISTER!