My not so Baby Boy

Hudson is constantly making us laugh. He is in such a fun stage right now and I just love it. Every morning when he wakes up he comes into get me ( that is if he wasn't already in my bed invading my personal space) he usually asks for a bottle then he goes and wakes up Presley ( this I do not approve of ) but he just can't wait to see her and start hanging out. He then proceeds to go into the pantry and take out 2 boxes of cereal ( his breakfast of choice) he eats his cereal and waits for J to wake up. When J does wake up and gets his bowl of cereal he of course has to have another one to eat with his brother. He then plays with Jackson preferablly outside with all the balls. After lunch is his nap time. He is locked in his room and almost always goes right down to bed unless however he takes off his diaper and goes poo. Yes this has happened a few times. This is his new thing taking off his diaper wether it is dirty or not sometimes he will go poo in the toilet most of the time he just likes to sit on the toilet. One of his favorite things to do is play with his sister he will just sit at her side saying "his titer" over and over kissing her playing with her dancing for her and anything to make her happy. He is such a great big brother. Jackson and him share a room so night time can be quite crazy. Huddy starts off in his bed but usually gets out about 10 times before I let J go sleep with his dad while I lock Hudson in the room to fall asleep. It can be quite an ordeal many times he gets out of his bed and goes in Presley's room and wakes her up (AHHH drive me crazy) then most days in the middle of the night he comes and gets in bed with me and gets as close as possible. ( which I can not do so I push him over and make him cuddle his dad)
Wow I love this boy

For about a week after Halloween he would come up to me every morning with his Elmo Bucket and say "Trick or Treat" to get a piece of candy from the jar. How could I resist.

Pumpkin Donuts

Ever since last year at Schnepf Farms when I tasted a pumpkin donut I have been craving them. I found a recipe on the internet that seemed easy enough, but never attempted them. List past time at Schnepf Farms I was all geared up for the donuts but sadly they did not have them so my hopes were dashed. I then decided to just make them. I got out my Deep Fry which I have never used in 3 yrs. and just did it. The boys loved helping and they were suprisingly easy. Bonus they also tasted great. Now whenever I am craving pumpkin donuts I can just make them

Stingray Bay

My new favorite part of the zoo is Stingray Bay. Where you get to pet and feed stingrays and sharks. Jackson loved doing and usually comes away soaked from getting splashed by the stingrays. This was Hud's first time and he was not having it each time I tried to pick him up to let him touch one he started freaking out. I don't know if he thought I was going to throw him in or what. But he did enjoy looking at them and running around. 

Sweet Baby Paisley who we rarely get to see.

Ang & Maddux
Jill & Sadie
Hudson eyeing from a distance

Family & Chalupa

Hudson holding cousin Coen's hand how sweet.

It seems as though every time I have my family over I make Chalupa, since it feeds such a large crowd. I had made it for Presley's blessing and had so much leftover so I froze it. I got it out to have this past week. When my dad called and said he was bringing over the fam for dinner. So once again we had chalupa, though I did mix it up with some Green Chili Burros and of course my dad's favorite chocolate cake with the flour frosting. My uncle Tim and Grandma Shirley were down from Pennsylvania. I love seeing family especially those who live so far. Hudson spent the whole night scamming cake from everyone and waiting till they left their plates so he could eat the rest.  


Party Harty

I always look forward to the Tyler's Halloween Bash, but every year I stress about my costume this year was no exception. I decided early on that I wanted to do Howie Mandel and a Deal or No Deal girl. I was trying to work with what we have a ( skinny, bald white man) I of course waited till the day of to get my costume. Me and my mom went to a few places and then finally ended up at a Thrift Store- Jackpot! We found a decent dress and the most perfect briefcase which was in actuality a blue plastic picnic basket thingy. But we turned it into a rockin case with a little spray paint and some cut out numbers. Stephen being so great went and got his hair Bicked at the barber shop and even put in fake earings ( even though i know they couldn't have been comfortable) What a trooper. The Party was a Smash, great food great company, Radical costumes and even cooler games. Thanks so much for the Party guys you are really the best. 

We showed up to a red carpet and the Paparazi taking our pictures.

The Fabulous Host and Hostess- Great Costumes Guys!
Our Dates for the Evening - Ashton and Demi
Winner of the Costume Contest and one of my Personal Favs. Awesome HuH
My other fav. costume. Joy and Crab Man from My Name is Earl. 

O Halloween

Well I had originally planned on Hud being a cowboy for Halloween since that is what J was when he was one. But the day before I found an Elmo costume for real cheap and since Huddy LOVES Elmo it thought he would love that way more and it really is about what they want. That night we first hit up Grandmas Store where they got a whole ton of loot. Then it was off to the Clouse's carnival and then we took Grandmas people mover around her neighborhood. Huddy and Jonnie were so cute running up to the door and back to keep up with the big kids. Jackson always making sure Hud got enough candy. Next on to my moms neighborhood for a few more houses. Then we headed to Colin and Heather's where they had a cotton candy machine! Yummy! So that we could see cute little Coen in his costume.
Trick or Treating at Grandma K's don't you love their matching buckets.
Presley & Coen how cute

Here is Huddy throwing a tantrum
2 seconds later smiling after I pulled the "Dont you smile" reverse psychology 
Next morning I found them like this 

I of course now have to hide their buckets. Though it is more Huddy he will eat the candy any chance he gets.

Trunk Or Treat

After 3 yrs. in this ward we finally made it to our first Trunk or Treat! Now where were these when I was a kid. Way more candy in way less time total Score! The boys had a blast I think J went around the cars a couple of times until all the candy was out. Course he also loved passing out the candy as well.

Hudson spent most of the night chasing around Nixon
Of course as soon as they got home they were dumping out the candy and sorting it into piles. Well J was- Hudson was just opening everything eating a little bit then on to the next piece. 

Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Every Year Grandma C has a Pumpkin Carving Shindig with lots of yummy Soup and Pumpkin bread bowls. Huddy was not so into the carving or the gutting out he wouldn't even put his hand in it. Jackson drew an awesome face that his daddy helped him cut out. 

The first and only time he put his hand in there, he did not like it.

What a good big brother

I also decided to make some Mummy Hot Dogs but I didn't have enough breadstick dough so they are a little wack! But I doubt the kids cared

Grandma got out her nail drawing kit and drew little pumpkins and smiley faces on the kids nails. They loved it
Even Huddy was into it. He blew on it the whole way home!


Miss P

Before Presley was born Ang and I decided that if I have a girl we were going to do a joint Tutu photo shoot for the little darlings. And Luckily I got my little girl. So when they were 2 months we went over to Hill's and he perfect Vintage Inspired house and took some gorgeous pics. Well Ang took some gorgeous pictures. Presley was of course her normal self so most of the time she wasn't cooperating but Ang did manage to get a few keepers. Here they are

The other day I walked in on Presley with her whole fist in her mouth and holding her foot. She loves to hold her feet and lay down on the mat and kick everything.