The Happenings

Well This has been a busy time which I am sure is the same for everyone, I have been seriously lacking on my blogging lately for many reasons. 
First every time I am on my computer I am working on a Christmas Project for my whole family, which is quite time consuming so it has made it next to impossible to blog. 
Most of my gifts this year are homemade, I thought this would be cheaper but it is not, though it is more meaningful. I just hope they all appreciate all the long hours I put into it. 
I had to Enrichment Activities a Candy/Cookie Exchange -Get to Know you night. Which went awesome, it is amazing how many neat people are in my ward that I never even really knew anything about. Plus the treats weren't bad either and my new fav. thing is Oreo Bon Bons
We also had our Christmas Enrichment which was a lot of work but so worth it. It was a perfect night filled with the spirit. I am so lucky to have Jess as my partner in crime on these she is very responsible and talented. Thanks Girl!
Making 24 72hr. kits for the Cummard family for our Progressive Dinner. - Crazy good thing J helped me a ton.

This year in our advent boxes I put little things to do every day ie. make ornaments, watch a christmas movie, make goodies and so on. 
J and Huddy love it, every morning the first thing they want to do is that. I guess my kids get very bored with their mom all day.
Jack putting his homemade star on the tree. 
This year we opted out of buying a real tree, for multiple reasons, the money, the fact that with all Presley's baby things in the fam. room there just wasn't enough space. So luckily we still had the tree from our first Christmas it is small but still Magical. 
Stephen showing J all his Garbage Pail kids- I know terrible, but sometimes father son bonding is more important.But we will not be getting those out again.

I know I look constipated, but that is what you get for not stretching in 5 yrs. Go Suzie & Kanoe for being able to do the splits no problem.


Brittney Smith said...

Wow! I am super impressed with the splits! Way to go!

Jamie W. said...

Garbage pail kids. Totally remember those. : ) Good job on the splits.

the cummard family said...

oh wow! the splits pic is killin me. i knew you couldn't resist posting the pic. haha. crazy december days!

Carroll Family said...

O.k. - never, ever able to do the splits - wow!

Heiner Happenings said...

Oh my garbage pale kids...I loved those things growing up, they should bring them back! You are right any time is good time between boys and their dads!

Jess said...

I love the splits picture...I wouldn't even give that a try. I seriously can't believe that one person could be as busy as you and still pull off an amazing enrichment. You're the best!!!

Suzy Cummard said...

You are busted. I am obviously behind on blogging- as usual!
ha ha
Never again!!
ha ha