So the last month has been to say the least HECTIC. After months and months of trying to sell our house and no luck, plus the lull in work we decided to leave our house and move into town. Luckily our in laws had a house right in the center of all of our family for us to rent. It was about half the size of our other one but a way better location. I was sad about leaving our house for many reasons, I LOVED our ward, my calling, the QC friends I had made, and of course the beautiful Home we had created. There is nothing more special than your first house, especially one that you build yourself, put so much into and raise your children in. 

At first I was so nervous about moving into a home so much smaller than ours and how would we fit all our stuff. ( after 7 yrs. of marriage we have a lot of STUFF) but I knew that it would all work out. The first look at the house and I thought there was no way. But we have managed to fit most everything in that we need and the rest we sold off at our Massive garage sale. 
The crazy thing is that I am already more in love with this house and neighborhood than I ever was with our other one. It is crazy how a neighborhood can make or break a house. We never had any kids for J to play with, no neighbors to talk to or family nearby. Jackson and Hudson are outside playing all day with friends and cousins, I get drop ins all the time from family and friends and I get to feed people which is my fav. thing to do. I feel so blessed that every thing has turned out so great. 

Here are some pics of all our painting. I am so lucky to have such a helping family who were all over 24/7 packing and unpacking, moving us, painting and everything else they did including watching my children ( I so needed that ). We love you all and appreciate everything. 
The picture Stephen kept putting over the whole in the wall. He called it his DILF picture. 


Kippy said...

I am impressed you are already painting! Haven't painted one wall in my house yet :( Fun you are "back in town!"

Jess said...

I miss you already!!

Cummards said...

I'm excited you are closer!!! That means when we come down we will see more often since it's not a whole nother 'vacation' to go out to your house! Esp. with kids I think it is so nice to have other people around that they can play with you and can hang out with, and of course it's even better when it's FAMILY! Is that the kitchen that is bright green?! I love it!! Can't wait to come visit...maybe Feb? since Lee said I'm banned from teh UNLV game, I might come to AZ instead!

buddyandsarahaws said...

I'm so sad that you moved, but glad that you guys like your new place. Make sure you post pictures of the finished painting projects! :)

Jamie W. said...

Wow so much news. Your little girl is adorable first of all.: ) And that's exciting that your back in town. It is true about a neighborhood and having family close. I have loved it my self moving back in town but, still miss those QC memories.
By the way is that your kitchen you painted lime green your going to have to take pictures of the finished project. Too cute.