Fun in the Snow

A couple of weekends ago we headed up to the cabin to have some Snow Fun. ( though snow is NOT Stephen's idea of fun we got him to come.) We made it a Ruttinger family weekend.
My kids haven't seen snow all year and they loved it. Course there was so much we couldn't even pull into the lot. We were freezing especially since the first night the upstairs heat wasn't working ( where all the rooms are) luckily there is a fireplace in every room. Also while Steve was trying to start a fire in one of the rooms, he forgot to open the flu, and the smoke alarms went off for about an hour before we got them all Knocked Off! But after that night it was a fun weekend. We ate tons of good fun, had fun family time and even squeezed in a little sledding down the tiny hill in the backyard.

Huddy loved the sled rides

Pres was pretty much scared out of her boots ( which left pink track marks every where she walked)

Yes I was truly this SCARED, I thought we were going to crash into the house, it felt like we were flying, and we went about 15 ft. further than anyone else.

How cute is he!
Snowman building time.
You can't go to the snow and not build one.

What a great throw!
Here is Presley during breakfast, she positioned her chair to face the wall.


Cummards said...

Your faces is hilarious in the sledding picture, and I can tell by Pres' face she looks terrified! How funny. Glad you got to enjoy the snow, and then drive back down to the warm weather :)