Christmas 2006

Christmas was so much fun this year. Jackson was old enough to get it and he loved it. Course he loved it a little too much, after he had opened up all his presents he kept asking for more presents for days. Apparently he thinks Christmas never ends. Stephen and I had a DVD christmas. That was pretty much all we gave eachother a bunch of movies, and if Jackson hadn't spilled the beans we both would have gotten Pirates 2!


Colin and Heather's Wedding November 16th

Heather and Jackson

My sister Hayley, my brother Colin and me

My family

My brother Colin got married in november to Heather Bawden, it was such a great wedding and reception, which was at her father's airplane hanger. It was beautiful and we love having a new sister-in-law and aunt for Jackson.


Halloween 2006

Jackson was Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween. He loved trick or treating everytime we left a house he asked if we could got to one more.


Jackson's 3rd Birthday

Jackson turned 3 this year, and we celebrated with a Baseball Party. He got tons of presents and had a blast with all his friends and cousins.



Hayley and Jack

Grandma & Jack on the road to Hana

Hayley,Colin, my mom, Jackson, Stephen & I all at the Luau

Jackson & Stephen snorkeling

This past year we went to Maui with My mom, brother and sister. It was the greatest vacation ever. We went snorkeling, ate tons of great food, went to a Luau and on the road to Hana which is absolutely gorgeous.