At Pres's last checkup 15 mo. she weighed in at 24lbs 6oz (70%)

height 33 3/4 (97%)
she is so big lately she looks and acts like she is 2. Every day she is saying more words.
Some of the words she says right now are.
I love you
bye bye
uh oh
poo poo

Pres loves to play outside on the tramp and with her bike. She is obsessed with doggies. Her binkie and blankie are her most prized possessions . She has a mind of her own and doesn't let anyone push her around. She can eat like a champ. She is completely in love with her dad.

The other day we were holding a crazy Hudson down to get a splinter out with tweezers. Next thing we see is Pres with the tweezer pretending to get one out of her toe. It was so cute, she wanted to be like big bro.

Pres loves shoes ( just like huddy) it is her favorite part of her outfit and loves to try them on. here they are with a shoe bucket from Kanoe going hog wild. It was like Christmas

She loves to say "Cheese" as soon as the camera comes out she runs in front of it and says "Cheese" with a big ol grin
Every night when we have family prayers she is the first one at the couch with her arms folded


Halloween 09

This was probably my favorite Halloween thus far. Living back "in town" is so much better we didn't have to drive in and find a place to "trick or treat".
To kick off the holiday we had our traditional pumpkin carving at Grandma C's. Hudson wasn't really into gutting it. but still had fun. Jackson did it pretty much all by himself. He did a great job of drawing his face on the pumpkin. For Halloween night we had a block party ( which has kind of been my dream since I got married to do a Chili party and then go trick or treating) after that I took all the kids up the street. Hudson had so much fun singing Trick or Treat everywhere, he always made sure both his brother and sister got a candy as well. Presley loved it too running to the door for her piece of candy. Jackson spent the rest of the night on a trailer with all his cousin treating down the neighborhood. While I for the first time got to pass out candy at my own house!

Very intense.

P was trying to get Pres to gut the mini pumpkin since his hands didn't fit. But she was a little wary about that.

The shirt Jackson designed all by himself for Halloween. I messed it up which is why it is hard to see.

Harry Potter

The Flower Fairy
Captain Jack Sparrow

Halloween Day Steve took the boys to the State Fair my my family. Every game that J played he won, he was on a huge roll, my dad couldn't believe it he even one the pop bottle game on the second ring with that one he won this Ginormous Dragon. He won so much stuff( 2 huge plush balls, 2 basketballs, 1 dragon and a wolf) that they had to send the boys in a different car on the way home. Well he loved that dragon but I finally convinced him to sell it, he made $10 and $ 20 for the ball, he gave the wolf to his cousin. As you can see we could not have all that stuff in our house.

Sorting the candy the next day.


My 6 year old little man.

My Birthday boy. Jackson favorite thing to do is go on "Treasure Hunts", he always asking the baby-sitters to do them or trying to get his grandma or me. So for his birthday's I started making him get the presents through a treasure hunt.

We had Huddy give him a towel ( Hudson has the same one with his name on it) so when Jack opened it he thought Hud gave him his old towel and he still acted so happy and grateful it was the sweetest. Though it was a new one with his name on it, when he found that out he was a lot more happy.
For the past year J has been saving up all his money for a Nintendo DS lite. We said we would pay for half for his B-day present. So Stephen went out to get it and not suprisingly came home with a Wii. He thought it would benefit the whole family and J would like it more.
Well he was totally expecting the DS so here is the look on his face when he opened the Wii. He was so excited and loves it .
Birthday boy picked Crepes for his breakfast.
Riding his bike to school for the first time.
Jackson picked Ra for his dinner. ( we decided to do every other year parties so it was date night with j and us) we went Goofy golfing after that. it was Jackson's first time and he loved it. him and steve were really into it.
Making a birthday wish

Jackson won and no we didn't let him beat us.
I can't believe how grown up he is getting he is in school he rides his bike there, he loves playing with his friends. He is getting so good at reading, he especially loves to draw and I might be biased but he is soo Good. I love all the stories behind the pictures. He is a great big brother.

September and October

Steve took the boys to a Pre season Suns game. They had tickets to pretty good seats but they stayed up at the top with the "cool stuff"

traditional Wendy's trip before the game

All the sweat bands they one. So proud of themselves
Train Park with Suz, Ellie and Quiny
Jackson decided he is to old for the Train "not very fun"
Presley going down the slide all by herself
Looking a little scared
Planting flowers at Great Grandma & Grandpa Cummards
Every night when it's time to brush teeth I call for the kids. Hudson and Presley come running and J we have to drag.

Schnepf Farms with the Sloans
of course we had to get our face painted

How fun
not so much fun

What a guys

Their faces are hilarious. J is ecstatic and Huddy is petrified

The Boys annual sleepover. Pirate themed as you can see

Hudson was so scared of the fire he would not go by it they had to hold him down for a picture. Sad
When Hudson came home with his bag of goodies. Oh wow! He was so so so so excited he could not stop talking about everything and showing me all his prizes and candy. I swear that was the best night of his life. Thanks Grandma C