Our Easter Weekend

This was a great weekend. We started it off on Sat. with a neighborhood Easter Hunt and Breakfast in my mom's neighborhood. Jackson had a great time racing down in to the retention basin, each child was only supposed to get 8 eggs but Jackson must have missed those directions since he came back with twice that amount. So I just told him to give half to Hudson who couldn't make it all the way down in there.
Sorry there are so many pics I just loved them all.

Later that day we went to Grandma C's for her annual Painting of the Eggs. Yes painting not dyeing. The kids love it course most of the eggs end up looking the same near the end when the paints have mixed so much that it seems to be one black mess. But oh well whatever makes them happy. This was Hudson's first year and as you can see he was either trying to eat the egg (shell intact) or putting the paint brush in his mouth, so I stripped him down and let him have at it. And boy did he get dirty.

Sunday morning I woke up early to make breakfast before church and so everything could be ready by the time I dragged the guys out of bed. From then on it was go go go. The boys enjoyed their baskets and then headed outside to find the eggs. Hudson would only get one and continue putting it in his basket and taking it out. Jackson also needed a little help during the process, for someone reason he refused to look anywhere but ground level. We got ready for church in our matching outfits ( one of my fav. things about Easter) and headed out. After church we went to my moms for Easter dinner with the family, it was super yummy especially the grilled asparagus and cheesy potatoes. Then it was on to Grandma C's for the Cummard Egg Hunt. This is one of my favorites, since we always let the kids have a turn hiding the eggs. Such a treat to watch, they are so funny and they love to hide them for their other cousins.
Hudson was so excited for his ball from the Easter Bunny, he is what you would say Obsessed with Balls

Jackson loved his ball too, though I am not sure what his face is in this picture
Hudson kept taking his eggs and putting them in J's basket so Jack kept putting them back
I just love their faces in this one

Jackson counting his eggs for money


Train Park

On Tuesday Ang, Jill, Hillary and I all met up at the Train Park. This was my first time and it was pretty nice. Jackson loved the train ride, especially the tunnel. It was such a nice day, luckily soon we aren't even going to be able to go to these fun outdoor places.

Hudson first Carousel ride, he wasn't quite sure if he liked it. But he didn't cry


St. Patty's Day

Every year I look forward to the St. Patrick's Day Green Meal that Cheryl makes. I love Corn Beef and Cabbage, cornbread, Irish Stew, and then Green dessert I make Mint Cream Cheese Brownies. This year was no exception the food was excellent, plus we were able to celebrate Stephen's Grandpa Blaine's 90th Birthday. We all put together bags of 90 things and the kids got to give them to him.

Hudson enjoying his green cupcake

Hudson loved the balloons so much he fell asleep still holding one



Last weekend at the last minute we decided to drive up to Vegas to see Lee's Tournament game against UNLV. What I love about road trips no matter how big or small are the things that happen that you remember forever. Jon and Summer drove up with us Sat. morning, it was a pretty fun ride except for the fact that Stephen told me it only took 3-4 hours to get there so the ride up seemed super long to me since it is more like a 6 hour drive. When we got there we were STARVING, and I have this rule about not eating at places that I could go to at home ( it doesn't always work but I try) so we were going to meet the rest of the family for lunch but they were eating at some buffet that cost $21 and we were wanting to save our money for Lawry's that night. So we drove around forever and finally decided on a sandwhich shop that only Stephen ended up liking. Oh Well! Then it was off to the game, I love watching games in person they are so much more exciting, even if there are drunk UNLV fans waving mean signs at you and turning around and yelling at us everytime they scored. We lost but the aftermath was the real excitement with the fights and crazy crowd control it made for some good stories. After the game we headed back to the hotel, we were supposed to go to Lawry's but Lee wanted to go to Chilli's and since everyone wanted to see him we all went. After dinner we picked up an air matress so we could bunk with the family without getting our own room and then a few of us headed down to the tables for a little light gambling, none for me I was there to make sure Stephen didn't loose. He of course thought I was bringing him down and that is why he didn't win a ton. But at least we came out ahead even with me as a Debbie Downer. That night we shared a fairly large room with Stephen's parents, Jon and Summer, Parker and us it was quite the sight, the tight quarters and air matress wasn't the problem though it was the fact that far too many of them are SNORERS, and I can not handle that luckily I was so tired that I slept pretty good considering. The next morning we headed straight home, just after we left the Hoover Damn we ran into snow it was incredible, we of course got out to play. The rest of the ride went by pretty fast, good thing to I was so anxious to see the boys, it was the first time I had been away from Hudson.

Hoover Damn

This is a snowball that stuck on Summer
Summer, me and Syd


Good Weather and Good Times

I am sure everyone is enjoying this fantastic weather as much as we are. I think what I love the most is finally having a house and yard to enjoy it in.

Jackson is such a great big brother, always taking Huddy on rides around the house
Jackson loves to do his push ups so he can be like his Daddy


Rock Band

My brother Travis bought Rock Band awhile ago, and now everytime we go over there he is playing along with some other member of my family. Hudson absolutely LOVES Trav, he follows him everywhere here are some pics of them rocking out.


All Alone

Well I am very proud of myself this last week Stephen went out of town to the Big Easy and I stayed all by myself ( with the kids) at my house. Usually when he goes out of town I ask someone to stay with me like my brothers or sis. but I thought it was time I grow up and get over it. My whole life I have always gotten so scared at night, even with Stephen or my parents there. But I did great and it was kinda nice, our night schedule was so smooth dinner, bath and bedtime I realized that when Stephen comes home since the times vary so much that we often don't have much of a routine. But when he did get home I couldn't have been happier, I really do like knowing that he is in bed next to me. Jackson had to be my bedmate for those nights.

On friday the fun began. We woke up early to get ready for the zoo, we were all dressed and our food was packed when Jackson got diharea, he said he still felt fine and wanted to got to the zoo so we continued to get ready then Hudson throws up everywhere. So we decide to call of the Zoo trip and the rest of the day was spent cleaning up throw up and poo. Needless to say it was not the best day, luckily Stephen was home to help out that night. The next day there were a few mishaps here and there but I think they are doing better.

Here is Jackson sleeping in the car on the way into town.


Baby Boy or Girl?

Well believe it or not I didn't find out. Yes that is right I have 2 boys and I am not finding out what the sex of the baby is. Ever since I got pregnant I just felt that I didn't want to find out. I figured I really don't NEED to know before, since I don't need to get a room ready and I can always buy things after I thought it would be so much fun to try it this way. I know the other way is great too but I have already done that, and truth is I may never have a girl so I may never get to do it this way. Plus I really just didn't want to find out. I can't wait for the suprise in the delievery room, and getting to bring a boy outfit and a girl outfit. The funny thing is that it seems like everyone else cares more than me, which suprised me since I would think it would be harder on me than anyone. So I have 20 more weeks to wait. But ya know so far I haven't regretted my decision. Well see how it goes. Maybe I won't like it more.
The baby waving
A thumb sucker
Crazy eye


Suckers & Scavengers

First I would like to say thank you to Kanoe for having her camera, taking the pictures and already blogging it so I would not forget it and blog it myself. It is great to have bloggers who make it easier for me. One night while we were outside at Stephen's parents house listening to the BYU game, all the babies decided to get suckers out from Grandma's medicine cabinet. Hudson loves suckers and while I hate the mess it is so hard to say no to his super excited face, especially when the other babies have them too. So all 4 babies were walking around with their binkies in hand, after Hudson finished his he went searching around for those ones that had been dropped so he could enjoy more.

Since the kids had eaten yet when Grandpa David came out with a bowl of spagetti it was a mad dash over to him the 4 Scavengers were climbing up his leg for the next bite. I doubt he got any.

Silkies and Binkies

Well it has happened he has turned into Jackson. Huddy is officially obsessed with his binkies and silkies. He has to have all of them at the same time. I put them up a 100 times a day, he finds them and gets them back out. He also loves to have one binkie in his mouth while he puts the other one on his Big Toe. He is hilarious. Here are some pics.