Miss P- 9mo.

My baby girl is now 9 mo. old & cuter everyday. 
Last check-up
29 1/2 in.  95%
17lbs. 11oz   25%

Some of her new fav's are Food, she eats non stop just like her momma. 
she LOVES to bop her head around to the music or just when she gets happy. She absolutely loves her daddy and brothers and the feeling is totally mutual. She even has a little boyfriend that she spent a night making out with. ( she will only kiss him to everyone else she turns her head) As you can see she loves to pull out all the wipes in the case and then eat them. I have no idea why. She loves to wave Hi and Bye, clap and walk behind the fire truck. Anytime she doesn't like the feel of the ground she gets on all four and stink bugs it. She also loves the pool and could stay there all day hanging out in the water. I love her more and more everyday and am loving every new stage. 

Dad's 50th

For my Dad's 50th birthday, we all put together this Shadow Box of Dad'isms. If you know my dad you know that he likes to talk a lot and always has some one liner to say here are 50 of them but trust me the list went on and on. We also had appetizer's for dinner in honor of his idea the "Appetizer House" restaurant. Everything was great and of course it ended with his favorite cake. Thanks everyone for all the help ( we finished it in one afternoon) 


Easter Festivities

We started off the week with J's School Easter Party. First they went to the retirement home where they sang songs 

Passed out Easter Bags and Eggs
Then there was a hunt( that was hard since J couldn't run, luckily I went to help out my boy) 
Next painting Eggs at G-ma C's

Jackson's Perfect Egg
Finally Easter Morning

The Hunt, Huddy would squeal every time he saw an egg
Jackson finding the egg he painted
Our only Family Easter picture, since we were a half hour late for church ( i thought it started at 12:30) only Presley is wearing her original Church outfit

Jackson helping Hudson get an egg that went under the truck

When we did a hunt at my mom's house J was not happy. First we there wasn't candy in the eggs so he threw a tantrum. Then they were too easy too find so yet another tantrum. Apparently sugar and a long day are not good for J. All in all a great Easter weekend. The best part was Jackson explaining to my mom what Easter is REALLY about. I guess he does listen after all.


I am a Re -TeX

Jackson came up to me the other day after he had wet his hair down and asked if he look liked a "Re-Tex" I thought he meant "Retard " which made me sad that he was saying that but then he said " you know the dinosaur" he meant " T-REX"  what a funny kid.

They took my Balls out

About 6 months ago we found out J had a Hernia it didn't hurt him but the doc told me to see a surgeon, he found another one and thought it was best to take them out. So last week we got up at 5 a.m. and headed off. 
I was surprised J wasn't going crazy with how tired he was. 

1 1\2 hrs. before the surgery they sent us to the FUN room, with toys, puzzles, books, games and anything else you can imagine. He even got to decorate the mask they were using to put him under.
Jackson got this cool outfit to wear (which took a little coercing) 
Then he was off. 
After it was over and we came to see him this is what he looked like for the next hour and a half. We tried everything to get him up. Stephen had bought him a ton of prizes, but none of it worked. The next 2 weeks are going to be the hardest he is'nt supposed to do any strenuous activity including running, jumping or bike riding ( not so easy to stop a 5 yr. old boy from stopping) We are just so happy it turned out just fine, he is now one Healthy 5 yr. old boy. 

Anytime someone would ask him about it he said " They gave me a Hernia" and he asked me if " they took his balls out" ( well not exactly son but close)

Farewell to the Uphams

When we moved into our house one of the best things about it was our neighbors the Uphams. They had 3 boys and a girl, one J's age and Huddy's age. It was perfect we carpooled they played and everyone was happy. Every morning Hudson would wake up and look out the window waiting for Brandon to come outside, they had so much fun together. After they moved for days Hudson would ask where Brandon was, he called one afternoon and Hud's was so excited to talk to him as soon as he was done he ran outside looking for him. We are sure going to miss them. Luckily there is a family of 10 moving in so I don't think it will get boring.


Girls Trip to CALI!

2 Weekends ago my Mom convinced me to go to Cali with her and my sister and sil and Holly I am sure glad I did because it was a BLAST! We left Friday night and got there around 8 where we went immediately to EL Torito Baby! Oh how much I LOVE and CRAVE this place 245/7 I so wish there was one here. They have the best flour tortillas that they make right there and bring them to your table warm to eat with honey butter or salsa. Oh they are so good I can barely handle writing about them. They also have the Best Fire Roasted Tomato Soup I have EVER had, and their side of corn cake. Best Meal Ever. 
The next morning we went to Roscoe's House of Chicken and WAffles for breakfast and let me say once again best Waffles and scrambled eggs Ever.


After that we hit they Alley's. 
There was some Wheeling and Dealing 
Great Finds 
and an all around Great time. A successful trip was had and a great time away with the Girls.
Here is all the New Cute luggage they bought that we then had to get back home.


In the last 3 months J has had 2 teeth pulled. This boy has more cavities than Me! The first one that was pulled didn't seem to really hurt him, in fact he was so excited for the Tooth Fairy and the money that he was okay with another one getting pulled. But the Second one wasn't quite as good of an experience. Jack is a pretty dramatic kid which he gets from Me. I had Stephen take him and he said it was BAD! The whole time J was screaming and yelling at everyone they had to take 15 min. just to calm him down ( I think this one was worse because they also filled a cavity as well) Stephen said after while he was picking out his prize he was still yelling at everyone saying how bad it hurt. Luckily there was $ to make it all better.

Miss P the Garbage Picker

A few weeks ago I found Pres eating cookies out of the garbage! I immediately threw them away again and took her in the other room 3 min. later she was back eating that cookie AGAIN!
Man I LOVE her. 

Presley has been so much fun lately ever since she started crawling she is always happy and wanting to play with the boys. She loves her Baby Einstein, her Binkies and Silkies. She is always trying to steal Huddy's binkie right out of his mouth. One of her new favorite things to do is Clap. Anytime someone comes into a room she claps for them, or if you tell her to Clap or just if she hears other people clapping. She also waves Bye and Hi and tries to say Bye Bye but mainly just says "BBBBB". She loves to do things with her tongue and mouth to make noise as well. Oh how we love having her around. This last week she has been super Sick and so Sad, it is so sad when your baby is sick and is a completely different person. I can't wait till she is back to her usual self.


Our St. Patty's Day Fun

This year we started off a little early with a BOY'S sleepover ( since the girl cousins were having one at G-Ma's ) The night started out nice, the boys played a little B-ball and then headed to the back for some fun while we cooked the Dogs. As LUCK would have it one of my nephews Bot Bot jumped from the playhouse to the tramp and well he broke his arm. It looked just awful  the first thing he said was " I think I broke my arm" he was right. So the rest of the night we kept the fun inside and watched an old 70's movie " Return from Witch Mountain" 

How sweet- what nice cousins

The next morning they partook in the Yearly St. Patty's Day Green Pancakes, Green Milk and Green Buttermilk Syrup.
Even Pres enjoyed the Green
Later that day the boys made some Thumbprint Shamrocks. 

Next we were off to the Traditional Green Meal at the in-laws. Where Grandma C goes All out! We've got Yummy Corn Beef and Cabbage, Irish Stew, Green Muffins, Milk and Frapee' along with tons of other fantastic Green Food! 

After the Green Meal I tried to get a pic. of the kids in their Green clothes. As you can see they were not having it.
Next we had a surprise visit from the Leprauchan. Who sent my kids on a " Chore Treasure Hunt" that they absolutely loved. ( Thanks to Katie Stauffer for the great idea) 

And of course the "Pot of Gold" at the end of the Rainbow
Digging In

I put this Pic in her because later that night Huddy fell asleep on the floor in the living room. Which may be very normal for some of your children but my kids never fall asleep anywhere but there own bed.