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Giving Thanks

I would like to start off by saying a few things I am thankful for.
MY FAMILY- my boys are everything to me and so is my husband, I am so thankful to have them. They make life better, easier, more fun, a little crazy and especially rewarding. Also my extended family parents, brothers, sisters and in-laws, grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles. I know that it is such a blessing to have a close loving family, and am so glad that I get to see my family so often.
MY FAITH- I am so glad I was born into the church, having the gospel in my life fullfills me and adds so much to my life that I know would be missing without it.
HEALTH- I have truly been blessed with great health as well as my family, I can only hope that we will continue to be healthy.
MY COUNTRY- Who can not say that living in this county is one of the greatest blessings.
MY FRIENDS- My whole life I have been blessed with great friends who have helped shape me and influenced me for good. I have been truly blessed to recieve these friends in my life.

I am so glad for THANKSGIVING, it really lets you sit down and think of the things that you have to be thankful for. My visiting teachers shared a talk from General Conference with me about recognizing the blessings in your life everyday. Saying that we should recount them and reflect on how Christ has blessed us in our life at the end of the day and even write them down. I thought what a good idea so this will be my first one. The rest I hope to put in some type of blessing journal. It is amazing how writing them down can really make you see how much we are given.

Sorry for the sap.

On to the festivities of the LONG weekend.

Thursday- Stephen didn't have to work in the morning so he was home when we woke up which I love. When we got up I started getting the Ruths Cris Sweet Potatoe Casserole (YUM) ready to cook. Then we packed up for the long day IN TOWN. We started off the day with Stephen's family for a Super YUMMMY dinner. Sarah came to say hi, and give the kiddies a little Thanksgiving treat. Stephens cousins the LeSuers had rented a bouncy thing and all the kids went over to play on it, a great investment for the day. We were able to go around the neighborhood visiting since all his cousins were eating nearby. While I was making the Sweet Potatoes Stephen was kind of stressing out thinking that it wouldn't be enough so we put it into two big dishes to make it look like more, well about a 1/4 of one got eaten. SAD! It seems not matter how you plan there is always too much food. After the Cummards we went to my moms to finish with dessert, course I was way too stuffed to even have a bite of pie ( which is ok with me since I am not a pie person) Once again there was way too much food, my grandma made 6 pies, Heather made a pumpkin roll and we brought a Cream Pie. It was a great day lots of family and food.

The Babies and the Grandparents
Stephen always has to take a picture of himself
A rare smile from Jon
Hudson climbing on the Dishwasher one of his favorite pasttimes

Hayley and Huddy
My mom and the boys

Friday- now I used to get up Super Early to hit the sales but I decided it wasn't really worth it, since most of the HUGE deals that you stand in line for at 4 in the morning usually end up still being there at NOON. This year there wasn't even any great deals I cared about at all though, but I do love to go shopping on this day anyways. So I got a baby-sitter ( my Step sister Rachel) and me and my mom headed out at about 9am. We went to Bath and Body since I needed some soap and they always have a sale plus a $10 coupon. After that we went to Junky Trunk hoping they would have a sale which they did and we went crazy, we called Hayley to come down and we all got some great stuff. Then Heather, my mom, Hayley and I all headed out to get Pedicures at this great place in Chandler. That took kind of awhile but our toes are all so cute and festive. Heather even got her picture taken for their book. We were so hungry at this point so we headed off to Oreganos to warm up with some YUMMY food, and Colin met us there. It was fantastic. We finally ended our day at 4:00. I went and picked up the boys and took them to the Cummards. Where Jackson rode a bike for the first time. Stephen bought him one a year ago with training wheels which he never rode, and then Steve drove over the wheel. So he bought some bikes at a garage sale last week without training wheels. Jackson was rididng the bike great, and of course now that is all he wants to do but since he cant get on by himself we have to help him up. Ater that I went to the movies with my mom, and Colin & Heather to see August Rush, it was great.
Our beautiful pedicures
Hayley's is the Burberry, Moms is the red & white, Heather's is the snowman and mine is the red & gold argyle
How cute

His first time ever isn't he good
He runs into things sometimes to stop
Then he ends up falling to get off the bike
But everytime he got up got back on with a smile on his face


Happy 27th Julio!

It is Julie Kaleolani Meadows Peay's B-day today. We went to Red Robin on Monday to celebrate, which was quite a the good time. I think during the lunch each kid took their turn of being naughty or throwing a tantrum, which was fun for all those around us. Good thing it was noisy in there, and the mess we left, SAD!
Here are some things I love about JULES
1. she is HI-larious, especially when she is using a carefully chosen WORD.
2. She is always trying to please everyone.
3. She is so very smart, and is now a NURSE. I am so proud.
4. She knows how to SCAM like the best of them.
5. She is a TRUE friend, no matter how far away she was or how long we went without talking I always felt just as close to her.

Here are some things that remind me of Jules and the GOOD TIMES

1. Golfish, and O.J. for lunch
2. KBG dates
3. Brandon Tackett
4. I HATE YOU! 1 2 3
5. The D
6. San Fransisco
7. DYE my DATE
8. Sleepovers!!! couldn't hate them more.
9. Face Hickeys
10. Jules of Wisdom-Sorry
11. KZZP Summer Kickoff 2000, featuring Enrique Inglesias, Vitamin C, Melissa Etheridge
12. DM
and a million more, Thanks for being such a good friend and for all of your support. I am so glad you are a mommy and finally live down here so we can hang out. Can't wait to see your BLOG!
Here are some pics from the past since I finally know how to work my scanner.

Christmas before Thanksgiving

Well I have been wanting to get my decorations out but had a hard time convincing Stephen to pull them from the attic, so I told Jackson about it and he begged and begged his dad until he finally gave in last night. I know you may say this is WAY to early but the truth is no one even comes to my house to notice my fall decorations so I thought I might as well get a jump start on Christmas since I don't know how long it will be after Thanksgiving that Stephen will get the time to get them down. Jackson was so excited, he has been talking about it for 4 days and every morning when he wakes up the first words out of his mouth are " Can we do the decorations". He loves helping me put up decorations, so we gathered all the remaning fall ones and put those up then started in on the Christmas. We didn't do them all since some are still buried under Christmas Lights (which aren't going up till Stephen has a day off) but we did most of them. Jack was most excited for the Stockings and the metal tree with all the bells. Course I don't know if it was a good idea to put them up so early since this morning when Jack woke up he asked where his presents are. I need to get him out of present mode. I am really going to try this year to put the true spirit of Christmas into our home and life. I am afraid he only cares about presents right now. -


Only Jackson

On Wednesday after T-ball practice, the kids were playing at the park not 5 min. into it I see Jack crying so I said lets go. While I am walking to my car people keep asking me if he is alright, I am like sure he's fine, then Melanie was like is that blood. Sure enough he was bleeding under his chin. It looked pretty bad but we couldn't see much in the dark so we headed over to Mel's house and it was bad so I called Stephen to meet us at the Dr. office for the second time that day and to call Lafe, luckily he was already there doing Twilight Pediatrics. I dropped Hud off at my dad's on the way there. No one was in the office so we went right back. Now this is Jackson's 3rd time getting stitches/staples, the first was the night before Lee and Sarah's wedding when he cut the heel of his foot running around the church building after the dinner, Lafe met us at the office at 10:00 at night, it was a complete nightmare it took both Stephen and I to hold him down and what seemed like an hour. We were sweating bullets after, I never knew a one year old could be so strong ( 18stitches) next was last year he fell off a huge fort at the Clouse's which resulted in 3 or 4 staples to the back of the head. So on with the story, this time we were able to strap him and a great little device which held his arms and legs put, while the nurse held his head and I his hands ( Stephen had to sit down he was getting a little queasy). He screamed and screamed yelling at us to please not do the shot and to take the scissors away, it was so sad, seeing your baby in pain is just the worst thing ever. He got 4 stitches and as soon as it was done he was running around again asking for a sticker. Sadly I didn't have my camera on me but Stephen did get some shots on his phone so I will get those soon.


10 Months Old

Yes my baby is now 10 months, I can't believe he is already so big. He is still crawling which means he is constantly black, his hands, top of his feet and knees, luckily it is getting colder so wearing pants and socks helps considerably. Here are some things he is up to.

1. He loves to crawl through chairs and stools, which is constantly getting him stuck in weird postitions and crying.
2. He LOVES dogs, anytime there is a dog around he follows is around, I do hate this since it makes him oh so dirty.
3. He loves to clap, especially when he hears music.
4. He has started waving good-bye.
5. He took his first step yesterday.
6. He loves to stand up and start clapping.
7. He is a very happy baby, and besides church he is fairly easy.
8. He is a super fast crawler, everyone who sees him can't believe how fast he can go, I think it is his one leg up strategy.
9. He now will only take the hospital binkie, which I hate since when it drops it rolls like no other.
10. When you open your mouth to get his binkie he sticks his thumb into your mouth instead.
11. He loves music and usually does something fun when it is on.
12. His favorite place to play right now is in my spice cabinet, and to throw them all onto the floor.
13. He still loves Elmo's world.
14. Putting on his diaper is a nightmare, since he twists his whole body and tries to get away.
15. He is 18lbs 11oz. ( I think that is a little less than it should be since he is sick right now.) ( 10th percentile)
16. 30 inches tall ( 80th percentile)
17. He will crawl anywhere, in the grass the rocks, no surface seems to bother him.
18. He is so cuddly
19. He loves loves balls, and playing catch.
I can't wait to see where he is at at 1 yr. only 2 short months away.
Regretably I have no pictures of these specific events, so I am going to try to catch him in the act.

Here Goes-Caution Long Post

I know I know it has been quite a long time since I posted, the main reason is that I have been spending nearly every day in town ( all day long) so there has been little time for blogging while I am home. I even have about 3 days of DVR shows still sitting there unwatched ( that is unheard of for me) But I thought that journaling is more important so I am going to try and catch up before I forget stuff. Here is a Recap of the last week.

On Thursday my mom came over to finish our yard. She had told Stephen for his B-day she was going to put in our winter grass in the front yard. The first time she came over she couldn't get through the mowing. So Stephen finished mowing the yard down to the ground. She came over and spread the seed and manure. While we all just sat around and watched.

A cute picture I took of Jackson while he was climbing on my car. He actually turns into quite a poser when I get the camera out.
Jackson chugging an Egg Nog
My mom hard at work
Hudson started standing up by himself and staying up on Thursday. Isn't he so cute

On Friday I met some friends from my ward at the New Mall to play in the play area, Angie also joined us. This was my first time and I loved it, the mall is so great most importantly the Forever 21 is GINORMOUS ( I love that store) the only thing missing is a GAP. Jackson made a new BFF while we were there a boy from our ward. They were having the best time, when we saw them again in the food court for lunch they had to eat together. Next off to Costco to eat some free food and get a few things with Ang. That night was my brothers first and last playoff game, it was so sad. I also found out that my HUSBAND has been Mr. Iresponsible. A while back he got pulled over for his brake lights and didn't have his insurance card in the car ( he is not very responsible) so he got a ticket which he didn't pay and didn't report on his court date, so they automatically suspended his liscense which he still drove on and then got pulled over again this time the cops handcuffed him read him his rights and threw him in the back of the cop car. For some crazy reason they didn't take him to jail. The whole time he is trying not to laugh but does have a big ole grin on his face. ( crazy I know) So he can't drive, he saw the judge and he told him he was late for his date so he has to pay the $ 1100 dolllars!!!!! which is ridiculous since he actually does have insurance, the court told him he could try another judge which he did after I had to drive him around for 3 days miss UPS in the mornings and spend the night a couple times at his moms. Luckily the new judge dissmissed the charges.

Friday night Ellie spent the night, they had so much fun sleeping on the floor in the family room, the woke in great moods. It was a little weird having to get a girl ready, I am so used to boys. It was so much fun, getting her cute little outfit on complete with matching bracelet and necklace, and then getting to do her hair. Which unfortantely didn't last very long. ( Suzie must do it like a million times a day to keep it looking so nice all the time) We went to Jackson's game, then off to play with all the cousins at Grandma Cheryl's.

Monday I took Stephen to court, and after we went to Cracker's ( I thought I deserved a little treat for waking up so dang early and shuttling Stephen around) plus we had money there. It was soooo sooo good, I had the Cheese Blintzes, if you have never had these please try them. During our wonderful breakfast Hudson had the biggest blowout of all time right in the restaurant. All up his back down his pants and a nice puddle on the high chair, I felt so sorry for all the people around us. I spent the next ten minutes in the bathroom giving him a sink bath. Yes I went back and finished my delicious meal. Stephen still couldn't get his license back since the DMV was closed so I shuttled him around a bit more. That night Jackson went to Brody's birthday party at the bowling alley, while we attended Heritage night at the Cummards. The food was once again fantastic and I ate way too much. Luckily Jackson missed the Candy Bar game ( 3 of the boys kept trying so hard to get this one big hershey's bar which ended up in disaster while Molly and Consy made out with 4 candy bars each.)

Today I took the kids for a well check, it couldn't have come at a better time. Hudson has been sick since thursday. At least once a day he projectile throws up his bottle, he hasn't been eating very much and has had diharea. The doc said it is probably just a stomach bug that may last another week( goody). The office was a bit of a nightmare since I was waiting over and hour and didn't get out of there until 2 hours after I got there. Plus both of the boys got Flu shots. That was fun. Everything else is looking great.

Sorry for the abnormally long post but I am sure you are just skimming over it anyway.


Does he think I am stupid

Tonight Jackson didn't eat his dinner claiming his stomach hurt ( he has been using that line for about a week- he has thrown up a couple of times but mostly he has been using it to get out of stuff) Later on he asked me to make Banana Shakes and I told him not until he ate his dinner. He said mom if I eat my dinner my stomach will hurt but if I eat Nanna shake it wont hurt. HMMMMM I have no idea where his logic comes from.

Halloween Night

Sad to say Halloween is over and all we have left are dirty costume, too much candy, huge bellys, pictures and memories. Last night I had the two Cutest Star Wars characters ever with me, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and baby YODA. We started off the night at Grandma C'sfor pictures and Grandma's store. Then it was off to the Clouse's for the annual Halloween Carnival and dinner. It was great as was the food, and yes I ate WAY too much! But what are the holiday's for if not to gorge yourself with food and then promise to work it off after. Then all the cousins went trick or treating on Grandma's people mover. After that Jackson just wanted to go to Grandma Karen's and Grandpa Chris's to trick or treat. I took him down the street at my mom's but he wasn't into it he just wanted to go the Grandpa Chris's ( I guess his goal wasn't to get all the candy he possibly could, like mine used to be) So we went to my dad's where we ate even more food ( because it was there and looked good). Then we came home and went right to bed. It was a LONG day, and now we get to spend the next week eating all the candy.

Cutest kids ever - Go Star Wars
, Batman, Rocky, Pirate, Dorothy, The Witch- Love it
 -Miss Dora the Explorer- What a poser just like her daddy
 Spiderman,Princess, Flower, Pumpkin- Dont they look adorable
The babies- they are super stoked for trick or treating

Grandma's store, Jackson was pretty indecisive like his mom, so he was the last one out of there.
What a cutie
T and J dancing like nerds
That boy loves to hug

Hudson loved getting into Jackson's bucket of candy and smooshing it. Luckily big bro Jackson was ok with sharing