Happy Belated Birthday Angela Noel Bates Sloan

I am quite behind on my blogging right now so please forgive me. Angie is a Christmas Baby and therefore gets jipped more times than not. Angie is one of the best friends I have and we have been that way since 8th Grade. We got married a week apart and now are going to have babies a week apart as well. . She is one of those girls who makes all the people around her feel special and she is never mean or catty. I am so glad we have continued to be friends to this day.
Here are some things about Ang
1. She is always up for anything, and is constantly trying to think of fun new things to do.
2. She is uber talented, such a great photographer and videographer not to mention a great Dancer.
3. In high school she always carried a toothbrush with her.
4. She always has the best intentions.
5. She is a bargain shopper, thrift stores were her go to store of choice in high school , but Matt has pretty much broken her of that habit, but Ross is still her love.
6. Whenever we go out to eat she ALWAYS gets the cheapest thing on the menu.
7. She loves to take naps.
8. She is always sick.
9. She has the abitlity to make guys go crazy for her and fall madly in love. Not anymore though, she is happily married.
10. She is a true and genuine friend and has always been there for me.
11. And of course she is GORGEOUS!
13. She is very thrifty
14. She is a peacemaker and avoids contention at all costs
15. She was in the movie JERRY MAGUIRE
16. She is fantastic with kids and is such a great mom to Maddux.
17. A bit of a vitamin and alternative medicine junkie.
I could list a ton more but I am pretty sure you get the jist and if you know Ang you know what I am talking about, I hope she had a great birthday and she starts feeling better soon.

Christmas Morning/Day

We had to get up pretty early on Christmas since we had to be to my moms at 8:30. I would have gotten up early anyway but I know everyone else would have slept in, so we woke up Jack and Hudson to start with the presents. First Jackson saw that Santa had eaten the cookies and left a Thank You note for him.

Then we headed over to the stockings and presents. Jackson got lots of CARS stuff in his stocking, an Orange and of course Candy.

Silly String from Daddy

Here is Hudson throwing a tantrum waiting for his bottle ( this is our morning ritual, he has no patience) After he finished his bottle Jackson showed him the presents in his stocking. Debating whether the maracas or the bottle was better he decided the maracas which ended up being his favorite thing that day taking them everywhere with him.

Enjoying his Ba Ba

After that we packed up for the day and headed to my moms for breakfast and more presents. On the way there Jackson said he wasn't feeling well. When we got to my moms we started making breakfast Sausage biscuts and Gravy, German Pancakes, Homeade Buttermilk Syrup and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice it was so Yummy I do love Christmas breakfast. After that we opened more presents, Jackson also threw up the poor guy being sick on Christmas day though you wouldn't know it since he was just so excited the whole day. My mom got me the Deceptively Delicous cookbook ( I was so excited I have been wanting it forever) she also gave us silver engraved napkin rings. We got lots of great stuff. After we had hung there for awhile we went back to Stephens moms house to open the rest of our presents ( Jackson thinks presents are never ending, I wonder why. He continues to ask for them well after they are done.) Then back to my moms for dinner, and then on to Stehens parents again for the Traditional Chili dinner with all the extended family. It was a great day and we were able to spend it with tons of family. Nothing is better that that. Next year I will not be sick on Christmas that is for sure. At least not Morning Sickness.

Jackson and all his goodies
Jackson seems to have the big brother thing down


Christmas Eve 2007

Well Christmas Eve is a long night for us. We always start off at the Cummards and end up at my dads. This year was my dads year so we had to leave the Cummard night a little early. Before we went over to the my in-laws we went to my moms house where I gave her the first card of the night since I knew she would be sad if she was the last to find out. For Christmas I decided to tell our families that we are PREGNANT!!!! I made a card for each grandparent with a number on the front ( the number grandchild it will be) and and Ultrasound picture inside with the due date July 30th. My mom was so excited and had no idea which I thought she might since I have been ultra sick and ducking out of everything. It is so hard to hide being pregnant when all you do is throw up and you can't eat anything or go anywhere, so I have been a real party pooper in December. Holidays are no fun when you are sick for me or my poor kids. Next we headed to the Cummards for a great dinner followed by the Nativity program put on by the Children- Jackson got Joseph this year and he was so adorable. I love getting to do this tradition every year with the kids it really adds a lot to Christmas. After that we started on presents we do it one by one so it took quite along time and we had to leave. But right before we left we gave Cheryl her card, she was so excited and for a minute had no idea who was pregnant. After that we headed to my dads where everyone was there even my aunt and uncle and grandma from Pennsylvania and my cousins who got to school out of state. We visited and opened presents. lots of great stuff. Then I gave my dad his card and he was super excited he couldn't believe it for a second he thought Colin and Heather were giving him a card about their baby since the are having one about 5 wks. before me. At last we headed home around 10:30 and no Jackson did not fall asleep in the car if you can believe it. So we left some cookies out for Santa and headed off to bed.

Jon,Lee and Parker-nerds
Grandkids with the Great Grandparents
Mary and Joseph played by Ellie and Jackson

Stephen bought himself an Ah-So shirt and Pirates gift card wrapped it and then opened it in front of everyone.
Jackson sitting on the special chair opening his soccer ball.
Hudson loving every minute of it
My bro Colin
Hudson and one of his favorite presents a Ball of course
His first video game
My sis. Hayley and the boys
Jackson with my cousins Matthew and Emma
My Grandma and the boys
My dad and the boys
My cute card


Progressive Dinner

Every year we have a progressive dinner with the Cummards, so that we have a chance to see everyones decorations. This year I wasn't up to having everyone over to my house, and I also hadn't put up a lot of my decorations so nobody had to make the trek all the way too our house. Though we did go to Kanoe and Parkers which is about halfway to our house. It was a fun night and everyone had super yummy food, I especially enjoyed Suzannes famous Bruschetta. Next year I hope to have everyone out.

Hudson's First Haircut

I finally broke down and decided to cut off his ever growing Mullet. Nearly everyone pointed it out so I thought it was about time. This was also my first time cutting one of my boys hair not including buzzing since the last time I tried with Jackson I ended up having to shave it all off. Well I think I did a pretty good job, but thanks to his white thin hair it hid my mistakes very well. Hudson was a great sport, Stephen was the photographer and of course being him he couldn't resist taking some shots of himself.


School Christmas Program

For the program I went to Jack's school where they put on a little program. First he was my waiter and he took my order collected my "fake" money then went and got my food and brought it back to me. He was such a doll they even had little Chef's hats.
Side Note: the other day Jackson told me he didn't want to be a Jedi anymore when he grew up, he wanted to be a Chef so he could cook for me! How cute is he.

Next all the kids sang songs, Jackson mostly just stood there and didn't sing much but he did sing the Gingerbread Man song( which he has been singing for me for the past month so I finally got to hear what it really sounds like) and the snowman song. During the last couple of songs he decided to shut his eyes. Sometimes I don't know what he is thinking.

Jingle Bells Song

Here he is closing his eyes
His presents that he made for me and the ones from Mrs. K
Mrs. K and Jack
Jackson and his buddy Joey



The boys saw Santa a couple of times this year, the first was our ward christmas party, only Jackson sat on his lap though ( i know sad I didn't even think to put Hudson in there) the next was when Santa came to Junky Trunk by helicopter ( which we missed by 5 min. sad again. but the boys did get to sit on his lap and get a little present. I kept asking Jackson what he wanted for Christmas from me and Santa and everyone. He kept telling me that Santa knew what he wanted so he didn't need to make a list or to tell him, and that he really didn't care what he got. He also had some weird notion thinking that Santa is the only person that gives presents which is not good since Santa usually leaves only about one big gift at out house and a full stocking, so I desperately tried to tell him that most of the presents come from mom and dad and the rest of the family. Course it also made getting presents way easier since he apparently had not expectations. I am sure this will not last through the years so I should definitely enjoy it now.