Halloween Festivities Begin

Yesterday was the start of the string of Halloween Festivities to happen during the next few days. We went to my mom's neighborhood party since we weren't able to go to our ward one last night. It was a blast Jackson played some games, apparently he needs some type of reward after each one, luckily most of them game candy. We did the cake walk, and there was a dance party which Jackson wouldn't participate in. After the party we went back to my mom's to get ready for Jill and Noah's rockin Halloween party ( Adults Only! - clearly the best option) We went as Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. Jill and I went thrift store shopping for our costumes on Friday and had a ton of fun chasing the kids around the nasty thrift stores while they played with the lice infested stuffed animals. We had some great finds ( denim Keds). Getting ready was great, ratting my hair until it was unrecognizeable and feeling as ugly as could be in my outfit. The party was awesome, they had the best games, one of which our group won! And super great prizes and food. The best part of the night were all the Awesome costumes, it amazes me to see what people can think up and then implement. The best part of the night was that everyone kept asking where Stephen got his shoes from, since they were so 80's and he actually got them from his closet since he barely bought them to wear as b-ball shoes! Sad! Thanks Hannah Montana for joining us for a great evening and thanks to Dog and Beth for showing us a great time. Here are some pics of the night.

Hudson eating a whole hot dog bun at once
Dora (Ellie) and my little Jedi

Jackson and his cupcake face
Zack and Kelly
Venus & Serena Willias ( winners of the costume contest)

Kyle Worthen ( Bob Russo -Channel 8 painter, Melissa W. his paintbrush , Hannah Montana - Suzie

Brett & Donnie - Princess Leia, Darth Vader
Dog & Beth - Noah & Jill
Mrs. Smurf - Mele, and Jill
Stephen's Rockin shoes
Me, Jill and Suzie

Friday Night Fever- Go MHS

Friday night was the homecoming game, Travis just got his cast off so he didn't play but we came to support. As an added bonus the Alumni Bunnies were performing. Angie was so excited for it. They were all so cute, I even got to see Trisha Wallace who now has long blonde hair ( crazy). Here are some pics of the night.

Maddux and Jackson with the balloons they went and got from some kids in the crowd.
Everytime I went to take a picture of Jackson watching the game wih his balloon he would turn and smile as big as he could at the camera.
Here is my dad, he gets really into the game


Our Little Athlete

We signed Jackson up for T-Ball this season with some of his friends at Preschool, Kai & Owen, Owen's dad is the Coach. Anyways this my first kid on a sports team so I was excited to see how it would go. Last Wednesday was our their first practice, I was a little nervous since I thought all the other kids would know how to do everything and Jackson still couldn't catch a ball. But boy was I wrong, it was hilarious to watch the kids play. They could pretty much could all hit, but the only one that was running for the ball was Owen ( since he had played last year). They were just standing there, Jackson was of course hugging Kai, typical. They finally caught on and would all chase after the ball, then cry if they didn't get it. So I was even more excited to see how the first game would go.

Game 1-

Before we got to the game I had to convince Jackson to wear his long socks ( he hates long socks) and his hat and tug up his ball pants, I showed him pics of my old ball teams that seemed to do the trick. Though he did take his hat off halfway through the game. The boys were so cute in their uniforms and looked like pros, though I dont know that they are there yet. With 3-4 yr. old T-ball there are no outs (luckily or it would never end) The first time Jackson was up to bat he hit great, when he was running from 1st to 2nd he retrieved the ball for the other team and then ran it to all the way to Second Base. It was the cutest thing ever. He seemed to like playing on the field the best, he ran for every single ball no matter how far it was, and he didn't get upset when he wasn't the one who got it. He even dove for one ball. I think he ended up being the dirtiest kid on the team. The whole time he kept asking if it was time for treats yet (totally my son) when it was finally time for them he was pretty dissapointed since the teamate brought a more healthy snack and apparently my son is only used to junk food( I promise he does eat healty most of the time). I hope all the games are this much fun.
His first hit of the Game -Awesome
Great form
here he is getting the ball for the other team, double click and you can see him behind a kid in purple
Him carrying the ball to Second


A serious athlete
All dirtied up


Happy Birthday Sydney

Yes it is another birthday this month, and I still have one to go. Syd is the oldest of the sister-in-laws and a great friend here are some things about Syd.

1. She was a MHS Bunnie ( hope to see you dancing at the game on Friday)
2. She is super competitive-At the cabin all we do is play games and Syd loves to win. She even has an old score card pinned up at the cabin from years ago where she had a perfect score at Liverpool!
3. She loves sports- which is especially great for her husband who is also a sports fanatic.
4. She is a great mom, she will do anything for her kids and is always planning fun trips for her family to go on together.
5. She loves to SHOP, but not any kind of shopping Bargain Shopping. Syd will be out all hours of the night to get the best deal and will wake up before the crack of dawn as well. I think her favorite day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving( where all the best deals can be found)
6. She is very athletic and is always doing marathons, triathlons you name it, I wish I could run around the block!
7. She is so very generous, after we sold our condo we ended up staying with her family until our house was built which ended up taking quite a bit longer than planned. But Syd made us feel welcome while we were there, and I truly appreciate that.
8. Syd loves anything to do with the stars ( celebs that is) She reads People religiously and knows everything about everyone, no matter where she is she seems to be in the right place at the right time, meeting tons of famous people. And she is not afraid to go up and get a picture. It pays to hang out with her on Vacation -your'e almost gaurunteed to see someone.

I am so glad I have her as a sister-in-law and hope she has a great B-day!


Happy Happy Birthday Sarah Dear

Sarah's wedding

What to say about Sarah. First off I love having her as a sister-in-law. The only thing bad is that she lives so far away. Here are some things I love about her.

1. She is such a fashion forward gal, always wearing the cutest stuff, which I then end up copying.
2. She has GREAT hair, like a horse so perfectly strong, healthy and shiny.
3. Such the peacemaker, never one to be contentious
4. A blast to be around, she made my stay in Utah the best.
5. A great mom to little Casey!
6. She brings her baby to class with her!!!!!
7. A great cook.
8. Loved her VW bug.

Things I hate about her!

1. Looks perfect while pregnant and 2 seconds after she has the baby. I would kill for her body.
2weeks after the baby
cutest prego girl ever.


Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 6 yr. anniversary. I have been so busy I practically forgot all about it. Luckily my wonderful husband woke me up this morning to wish me a Happy Anniversary before he left for work. I wanted to say a few things about Stephen.

1. He is very loyal. No matter what he never talks bad about anybody.
2. He is a great father, since the day Jackson came into this world Stephen has been wonderful, loving, supportive. He totally does his share of the parenting and never makes me look like the bad guy.
3. He is hilarious.
4. Super hot!
5.The hardest worker, and best provider for his family.
6. The absolute best present giver, he always gets me exactly the right thing. Never forgetting any occasion.
7. Loves jewlery- what wife wouldn't love that
8. Never gets mad at me for spending money. I love that, course I just end up getting mad at myself.
9. He is always cold, but he never wears a jacket and sleeps on top of the blanket ( yet he can't handle the fan)
10. OBSESSED with CEREAL. He could eat cereal for every meal. Even when I prepare a meal he eats a bowl of cereal before or after. Plus he puts sugar on most cereals.
11. He is my handy man, he can do anything around the house and I love it.
12. He is so very giving he would give anything or do anything for anyone no matter how much it put him out. When we were first married there was this man in our ward that was not all there, he couldn't drive he just asked Stephen for a ride somewhere and from then on kept calling him for favors, and to pick him up at work and take him. Stephen didn't even know this guy and of course he did all of it no questions asked. He would even invite him places to be nice.
13. He is the worst at purchasing cars, everytime he buys one which is alot. He ends up on the raw end of the deal in a bad way. He just can't stop.
14. Everytime he sees a camera he has to take a picture of himself. I am constantly finding pictures on my camera of just his face.
15. He is obsessed with the group 311, the date, time, anything.
I love him so very much and hope the next six years are just as great.

our first christmas card
Lee & Sarah's Wedding
L.A 2007


Schnepf Farm Part 2- My Hubby

When Stephen got home from work last night I asked him if he wanted to go ( since we could get back in for free and QC residents are half price, plus it is so close). I fully expected him to say no, being that he was too tired and he really isn't into that kind of stuff) but he said YES! So after we ate dinner we headed out once again, I bundled up Huddy but I didn't think it would be that cold, but from the moment we got their Jack was complaining of being cold. I though it was actually quite nice. The night was kind of a bust to a great day, since Jackson was so worn out from the day that he was a bit of a crank that had to go to the bathroom 4 times in the hour that we were there. I guess a full day at something like that is not such a good idea. I heard that the train ride was spooky at night and super fun, but it was kinda lame and Jack wasn't impressed though he loves trains so all was good. We did the roller coaster again and Jackson insisted I go with him. It was actually a pretty good one, and I loved seeing his face up close he loved it. Stephen did the orange throw and rode the big swing, a bit nerdy! Then we did the corn maze, way cold and impossible to see. Jackson also rode the big slide a few times. Then we stopped to get Jackson a chocolate donut that he had been begging for all night. Since they don't have any he picked a cinnamon roll, which he ate half of. I got a pumpkin donut that everyone was raving about and it was soooo good. Luckily Jackson ate half or I would have scarfed it. It was pretty fun but next time I don' t think we will stay all day. Here are some pics. sorry about the quality I don't know if there was so much dust in the air or if it was on my lens or what plus I had my point and shoot camera instead, and the one of Stephen I was way too far away for the flash to work. The picture of Jackson on the train is pretty much how he was acting most of the night, the last pic he did so good since I promised him the rest of the donut.

Schnepf Farm Part 2- Ang & Company

The day before the filedtrip Angie said she wanted to come, so I told her to come at 10:00 right after we got there since we went in early with the school. Well she did show up though not until around noon after we had pretty much done everything. But since my friends were about to leave I told her to take the boys( Maddux, Scout & Ryder) to the rides area while we eat lunch. So we met up after lunch and hung out at the inflatables and pumpkin patch, haunted house ( a dark maze- lame) and of course we took a bunch more pictures ( I love having a photographer as my best friend she always gets the best shots). It was so hot and we were so thirsty since we had no cash for more water( who doesn't take debit) that we finally left at around 2:30. Let me tell you, that is a long day at the farm in the heat with dirt everywhere, It was so nice to get home and wash off my feet.