Happy Happy Birthday Kanoe Dear!

It is my sis-in-law Kanoe's 26th B-day today! She is 26 with 4 KIDS can you believe it. Anyways have a very happy birthday. Love the Stephen Cummard Family



When we got home today from the museum Jackson kept saying to us he was so tired ( and he never says that). Then when Steve was laying on the couch Jack jumped up on him and said lets rest! He must have been SOOO tired to say that.

Dinosaur Museum

We put the kids in Jail
They had a flash flood

there is the gator look hard and you can see it.

One of the puzzles, we put together a Mammoth.

Jackson riding a virtual skateboard, he was very good.

Jill loved those puzzles
Today we went to the Dinosaur Museum in downtown Mesa off of Main St. & McDonald. I have never been there, which is suprising since I have lived in Mesa all my life and it has been here since the 60's. It is funny how sometimes we never experience great things and places in our own town. Well if you have never been I suggest you check it out , at least once. They have all kinds of exhibits, Dinosaurs, Science, Ancient Civilizations and they even have a real live Gator. There is puzzles to do and lots of interactive parts. Jill could not get enough of the puzzles we had to stop at all of them to do one. Jackson loved it, I think he liked the dinosaur parts best of all. It is so good to get out of the house in the summer and do something fun INDOORS. If anyone else has an idea of a fun place to go let me know. If you are interested in going to the museum it is $8 for adults and $4 for children 3 and up. We spent a good 2 hours there and well worth it.


Chubby & Tubby

When Hudson was born I started calling him Chubby, well Jackson did not like that very much. He said no Mom I am Chubby. So I said lets call brother Tubby. That he liked. Whenever I mistakenly call Hudson chubby, Jackson always corrects me and says " No mom I am chubby he's tubby. Which is quite funny since if you have ever met Jack you know he is so very far from Chubby he is skin and bones. But I love it.


My babies Daddy!

Fathers Day - Jackson wouldn't scoot closer

Steve is always cold, no matter where we are his is bundled up. We were on Hunington beach in JULY!
Everytime he gets hold of the camera he takes a close up. I have a ton of these pictures. What a hottie!
Olive Oil & Popeye
From the moment Steve became a dad, he was great at it. When Jackson was a baby and still waking up in the middle of the night to eat Steve would get up and bring him to me. Jackson was such a daddys boy and Steve couldn't get enough of him. Steve is such a great dad and works so hard. He wakes up at 2:30 in the morning, and sometimes not getting home till 7 at night then having to go to bed an hour later. Yet he still finds time to play ball with Jackson. I am so lucky to have such a great and extremely handsome guy around to be my partner. I know I couldn't do it without him, and he wouldn't let me.
I asked Jackson some questions to day about his dad and these were his answers

How old is your dad-69
What's your dad's fav. food- Shrimp
What color are his eyes - Green
What's your dad's favorite thing to do- Play ball
What's your daddy's name-Stephen
Why do you love your daddy-he plays cars, goes shopping, plays games, watches t.v. and goes to church

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

Where do I start. First of all I am a Daddy's Girl. I have always had a close relationship with my dad, and have so many great memories to look back on.
1. When I was younger my dad was the coach of our softball team for many years. I remember him saying that if we hit a ball over the fence of the retention basin then he would take us to disneyland. (Well noone ever did). He would also say that if we broke a window we would get ice cream.
2. My brothers and sister and I were absolutely terrible when my parents would take us out for dinner. So they told us that we were not allowed to go out together for a year. So instead we got one on one dates. I remember my dad taking me to a trampoline land. I loved it.
3. Another time my dad took me and my brother rollerblading around ASU. So much fun by the way.
My dad was has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. You had to protect your food with your life at our house. He will eat off of anyones plate. He was also constantly hiding treats. Which he still does to this day. My dad always says I am not GREAT at anything but I am good at EVERYTHING. Which he truly believes.One thing he is, is giving. He is so generous to everyone. My dad is so much fun and is always living in the moment. He loves to enjoy life in the here and now. Always taking trips, buying fun things for us to enjoy. Growing up I got to go to so many neat places. I want to thank him for all that he does for me and for the person he helped me become. I know my dad loves me and will always be there for me and my kids. He is such a great grandpa and is constantly calling me to bring the boys over. Course before I had kids he wanted me to come over too, now he will settle for just the boys.

Welcome Hayley, Alissa & Allie

Wow 3 new bloggers, I love it. My sister Hayley has joined the ranks along with her friend Alissa and also my good friend Allie Jones previously mentioned. Good luck on the blogging.


New Doo

Well last night we told Jackson he could either get his hair trimmed at Walmart, or we would shave it off, because it was getting out of control. Well he chose neither. It became a all out battle. We were bribing, threatening punishment, telling him all the other cousins were doing it. Needless to say not the best of parenting skills were used last night. So He had to go to be early. Around 8:30 he came in our room and I told him he could sleep with us if he shaved his head. By some miracle he agreed and here is the end result. It wasn't my best but I wasn't pushing my luck since I knew any minute he would realize what he had agreed to, and go crazy! Now Jackson has the same hairstyle as Dad and little brother.

Happy Birthday Top Dawg

Travis & Colin at Colins wedding

Travis & Hudson

I want to wish my brother Travis Robert Ruttinger a Happy 17th Birthday! He is going to be a senior this year at MHS and is currently unattached. He is a great brother and one of the nicest, sweetest and most sensitive guys I know, and the best football player ever. Plus he is so handsome. We love you Trav Man- love the Cummards.


Pool Party!!

On Tuesday my brother and sister in law rented out Brimhall pool for a family and friend party. It was a blast. They have a great pool. Here are some pics of the night.

me and the boys

Hudson & Ryan

Dreams do come True!

Well at least they do for my sister Hayley. She has been in love with MK & A (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) for at least 10 years. She has every poster, movie, calendar etc. that they make. She went to California this last weekend for a fashion show of their new clothing line. And she was able to meet Ashley Olsen and get a picture with her. Lucky duck. Here is the pic. isnt my sister and her friend gorgeous.
Hayley, Ashley & Allissa


I wanted to say Congratulations to Allie Payne Jones. Who is pregnant with her first and due in January. She is going to make such a great mom. I met her at EAC and she is a ball of fire. I am so
glad we are still friends.


Welcome, Welcome, Mele & Malia

Thats right 2 new bloggers. I am so excited to hear from these girls and also a special Congrats to Malia who got married last week. We are getting the younger gen. already I am so stoked!


All tuckered out

What do you think

I am wondering which picture you guys like better. I have been trying to figure out how to adjust and work with the pictures on my iphoto program. I think the one of Jackson I may have tweeked a bit to much. Let me know what you think


My favorite picture

Here is a picture of Jack that I took when he was about 5 months old. It is my favorite picture ever, he is so stinkin cute.


The Fruits of our Labor

Here is a quick post while the boys are still sleeping. The garden that we planted has been doing great. The zuchini, squash and radishes have all come up. Sadly the sugar snap peas and swiss chard was eaten by the rabbits. Also our peach tree had about 10 huge peaches on it that we were going to let ripen over the weekend and when we came back they too had been eaten by the birds. On Sunday we took our zuchinni and made some super yummy zuchinni bread. Now if you think that sounds unappealing you couldn't be more wrong. It is so sweet, I even like it better than bannana bread. If you would like some just let me know we have tons. Here are some pictures, I have to go now Jack just woke up.



Well it is official Shea Lea Carlsen is now Shea Lea Astle. We didn't know if she would go through with it, it was touch and go for awhile there, but I heard it she said YES! It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone was crying including the bride and groom. But I couldn't be happier for her Garrit is such a great guy and they are great together. She had her reception the night before which was casual dress, and when we got there she wasn't even wearing her dress I couldn't believe it. But she looked so cute. She only wore her dress when she came out of the temple to take pictures and then she took it off before she got to the Brick Oven for the luncheon. I am so glad I was able to go to the wedding. Here are some pictures, isn't she gorgeous.

Me,Shea, Taleah, and Lexi


Well I am back from good old Provo. It was a blast I got to spend time with Lee & Sarah and see Shea Lea get married. Lee & Sarah had a chance to watch Hudson for half a day. They did good I think they are ready to have their little boy. Sarah looks so freaking cute her belly is just a little basketball, and she is so skinny everywhere else. On Sat. they took Hudson to the pool while I was at the wedding and Sarah told me everyone was staring at her so she kept saying things like "When is your mommy going to get back" real loud so people would know he wasn't hers. She is too funny! My all time favorite place to go in Utah is Magleby's Fresh for their all you can eat pancakes and french toast, with buttermilk syrup(the best I have ever had) but Sarah talked me into going to a new place she had discovered called Needers. Well they dont have the best syrup but their Chunky Cinnamon French Toast is THE BEST, plus you get fresh whip cream and strawberries with your meal. Definitely a place to check out. Sarah also told me the funniest thing I have ever heard. That at BYU people take their KIDS to classes with them. I seriously did not believe her at first. I couldn't imagine being in class with little kids running around. How on earth could you focus on the class or get anything accomplished. If I had taken Jackson to class when he was 1 years old I would have had to drop out. Well BYU is quite the school Honor Code and all. I want to say thank you to Lee and Sarah for hosting me this weekend they made my trip great, you guys were right to I had PLENTY of time to spare at the airport. Love you, can't wait to see the baby!
Here are some pics of the trip!