One of my new favorite things to do is Carporting/Garage Saleing. Every friday my mom and I go out while Hudson is at Preschool. One morning it seemed like every house we hit was a jackpot! I had already been worrying about having to get new shoes for J- since I had just thrown out his last pair that had multiple holes. He wears his shoes out pretty good. So when I saw brand new in the box Heely's I was ecstatic she took $12 for them and they were about 1 size too big so perfect to grow into. Plus they are tough as nails and are perfect for J.

When he got home from school I showed them to him and he was crazy excited! I never knew he was so into Heely's, he wanted to try them immediately.
Not as easy as he thought
getting a little better

when dad got home he got his Heely's out to show J how to do it! Yes my husband has Heely's, that he has used like twice. They are now his new favorite pair of shoes, he went around for a week telling everyone about them. They are a little big but he still insists on wearing them.

Stephen brought home a truck load of paper to burn from his office. I recruited the kids in the neighborhood to help sort the file folders out ( so there was less to burn ). I have realized that kids will do just about anything for the promise of Ice Cream.
It took a good 1-2 hours each day, but they did awesome. The funniest was their obsession with the paper clips- they started collecting and then fighting over them, but all worked out in the end.

Worth it right?



We had a pretty Amazing V-day!
Stuffed French Toast for breakfast. Then we all got in our Valentine's Best, even J picked out a red shirt without me telling him to.
For Hudson's Valentines we decided to do the Marhmallow Pops we saw here, that we did last week for play group treat. The kids helped make them and they were super easy, fun, and yummy.

Poor Pres didn't get any Valentines so her sweet brother gave her one and shared his Whole lot with her.

Jackson got out of his clothes too fast ( too hot yesterday)
but this is what he made for his class, yes he did help make it. We saw it here and had to do it.

Now I was planning on the neat dinner idea for V-day dinner with the kids that I posted about last week. But then my SIL Heather called inviting us to dinner. Frankly I hardly ever say no to a dinner invite ( for multiple reasons), so since I hadn't even bought the food yet I said yes.
Good thing I did because the meal was incredible. I have been craving a burger for like forever!
With her homemade buns this one was worth the wait.
After dinner the kids finally got their prizes, went to bed happy and sleeping with their balloons.
I hope you all had a Wonderful Valentine's Day.


When Till's monster comes over to play it is ALWAYS dress up time. She Always puts on the cheerleader costume and encourages the others to follow suit- this time it was not just clothes. I found them in the bathroom putting on every hair bow they could find!
Yes my daughter is 2 1/2 and this was her first time getting her hair curled. She loved it though I did have to bribe her with fruit snacks half way through.
She also had a nasty cold sore for a couple weeks. Sad
My fav. thing about this pic is her head, she loves to cock her head to the side and smile oh so sweetly, I have no idea where she gets it from. ( maybe Uncle La La)


Hudson turns 4

For Hudson's birthday this year he picked to go bowling ( since it is the off year on parties). Usually it is just the birthday kid and mom and dad but since Casey was in town and he is never in town for his b-day we decided to let Hudson bring his very best friend too. When these too boys get together it is so sweet Hudson is always running up to Casey saying " I love Casey" giving hugs and spending the rest of the time playing and hugging.

Hudson had so much fun and was pretty good for a 4yr. old.

the morning of his birthday he of course ( like the rest of my family) chose cereal for his breakfast.
then Grandma Cheryl came over to give him the presents he had picked out on their shopping trip. All he wanted this year was Transformer stuff.

Singing Happy Birthday to the 2 special people
and of course getting measured
Hudson has grown so much this year, he started preschool which he loves. I have had the opportunity to help at his class and I love watching him and how sweet he is and how much he participates and knows. He has also started Primary and since I am now a primary teacher I get to see him in sharing time. He is sooo cute always sitting like a good little boy and every time he gets to help he has the biggest smile.
Hudson is always so loving and accepting of others, he loves animals, riding his bike and playing with his friends. He is also really into me having a baby, he likes to tell people we are having one ( so if he tells you this it is false!) For awhile after he turned 4 he refused to say he is was 4 and only wanted to be 5- that is what he would say when you asked him and if you said no you are 4 he would have a bit of a meltdown. He has a bit of an obsession with the number 5 ever since he saw and fell in love with the movie Speed Racer. Everything revolves around that number he was 5 then he turned 5, when he is older he will be 5, mom and dad are 5, when he plays a game he must roll 5! It can get pretty crazy. But luckily he is now accepting that he is 4, though he still loves the number 5.

Hudson's Interview

how old are you? 5
how old will you be when you grow up? 5
who is the funniest person in your family? me, you
what is your favorite food? uncrustables
fav. color? orange
fav. animal? night fury dragon
when you are sick who takes care of you? mom
who is your best friend? mom, pres, dad, & j
fav. toy? night fury toy
what are you really good at? school
what do you want to be when you grow up? grown up and walk
how much do you weigh? better
what is special about you? mom
fav. place to go? Casey's
best thing about school? toys and show and tell
fav. sport? bowling & b-ball
what color are your eyes? green
how many teeth do you have? 5
how old is mom? 5 dad? 5
fav. movie? night fury
fav. shape? heart
fav. treat? graham crackers
what do you like? work
how many bros. & sis.'s do you want? 5
fav. song? scripture power