Birthday Girl

My Baby is 1!!!
height: 32 inches 97%
weight: 22lbs. 14oz 75%

Where to begin. First I am so thankful for this little girl, as soon as she was born I felt complete, I knew I had been waiting for her. She is so much fun, such personality. She loves to talk/yell at you in her jibberish. She is so loving and always wants to give loves, especially to her bro. Huddy! She had been on the verge of walking for months and she waited till I was at the store to start walking for my mom. She loves to dance, as soon as the music starts she goes for it. She is also obsessed with Phones, she sneaks into my room and gets our house phone and starts having full on conversations ( yelling into it) she does the same think with our cell phones. She is a bit of a scared cat, she hates to be swung or thrown in the air. She loves the pool and will just sit in the baby boat forever. She loves shoes and her new babies she got for her b-day. She now also loves getting her hair done. ( which may be due in part to aunt suzie). She is my Chubs, I never knew what chubby baby was until she came and she is too cute. There is definitely more of her to love.
She also loves to throw her tantrums, when she gets made she flings herself onto the floor face first and cries until she realizes no one cares. She loves to steal my chapstick or anything that looks like it and rub it all over her face. Her new fav. thing is jumping. She will swing her arms back and then clap them as she gets ready then gets this crazy face and jumps it is the best . Every morning when she wakes up she turns her mobile on to listen to the music and starts talking, never cries just does that until someone comes and gets her. There are a million things to say about her but that is all I can think of right now. I love her.
Her Purple Party- I designed the party around the purple cupcake necklace I made at a Bead Diva party. I then made her a purple TuTu and well bought and made everything else purple to go with it.

Watching the DVD i made for her first Year.

Her boyfriend Uncle La La

Finally going for it.

Dirty Girls, her and her BFF Paisley
Showing her goods.
She loved the necklace I made for her, she mainly tried to eat it.
She is buried underneath the stuff throwing a tantrum while I am trying to open the presents.
Toting around her new Best Friend
Scavenging for more

Cabin Trip Numero Dos

The end of July we decided to take another trip back to the cabin. This time my girlfriends came, I also took a couple of my nephews. We had a blast the kids played great and we girls got to relax for the most part ( there were 3 babies under 1) we ate super Yummy food so much so that I don't think I came back the same weight even though we did work out a bit. The only bad part of the trip was all the diapers we had 6 kids still in diapers and let me tell you that is a lot of CRAP! Thanks for making it such a great trip girls, we will for sure be doing it again.

one evening we found 3 kids in the room asleep before dinner!
Presley making a getaway. She was constantly trying to go up the stairs. She thought it was so funny when I would spot her and she would laugh and try to go faster.
The boys found a friend up there the neighbor next door. They rode bikes, played with his dogs and had a blast.

MHS Forever the Best

Ten Years in the Making!
Yes folks for Ten Years I had been looking forward to my Reunion. Apparently I lead a boring life and this was the only thing I was excited for! While I LOVED high school I wasn't Miss Popular so why I wanted to go so bad is beyond me. For the last 6 months I postponed cutting my hair, so that I could show up with my Long Locks ( which I never had in HS) I told Steve he could stay home to save $50 and a boring night of being ditched. Ang was my date for the evening and we met up with my Gals. It was a great night I loved seeing my old pals but I really wish more people had come, the kind of people I haven't seen since graduation or for a while mainly MEGS! I did get to see Lupe which made my night. Afterwards me and the Girls headed to MHS friday night hot spot Applebees where we inhaled in 3 desserts and 2 baskets of fries. Can't wait for the 20yr. I am going to have to do some mad recruiting

Me and my Date! PURPLE & GOLD


Wicked N Change

For mine and my sisters birthday's this year my dad took us to see Wicked. None of us had ever seen it and well needless to say it was AMAZING!

Every year before we go on a vacation we get out our change bucket count it up and cash it in, for spending money on the trip. Stephen LOVES to count money and the boys are quickly beginning to share the love.