April was a super busy month, again!

All the Cummards took a trip up to my favorite place, The Gila Valley aka Thatcher aka EAC aka The BEST Small Town EVER!
I was so excited about going since it has been 9 yrs. since I had been up there. and I truly missed it, plus my good friend Maryann moved back up there a couple of years ago and I really wanted to see her.

I absolutely loved the Temple it was perfect in every way. I loved how when you looked at it from the front you could see the beautiful Mountains in the back. It was so serene.
The children loved taking the tour and they were so good. I know they were feeling the spirit.
I wished I could have gotten a pic of Pres in the little booties you had to put on, it was adorable. Course those didn't last long before they started bugging here and we had to hold her the rest of the way.
President Kimball's house
Checking out the old school. It has changed SOOOOOO much, I miss it.
I showed my kids where I used to live
We all went to lunch at El Charro, which wasn't always my fav. but this time it was the best. There Green Chili Chimi was to die for, I am craving it just talking about it.
After that we went to Maryann's to see there beautiful house they built and to visit.
All in all a Great trip and I hope I can get back up there before another decade rolls around.

For months I have been going back and forth with whether or not to cut Presley's Lovely Lady Locks.
True they were a full on MULLET, but she had the sweetest curls which fit oh so perfectly into the cutest pigtails.
But My better sense won out and I decided to do it for the good of the hair.

Here are some PRE-haircut shots I took before so I would never forget.

Here we are waiting in the Salon.
In all of these pictures you will notice that her hands don't move from this position. She was PERFECT she never once freaked out, she did everything Laree asked of her with out persuasion and was an angel. I had brought a bag of skittles to bribe her but I never even needed to pull it out.
I was one proud MaMa

Here are some after shots, trying out a new hairstyle. Since the piggies are gone and she can finally wear her hair down.

Truly how could you not love this girl

Huddy's first day of Preschool with Grandma C.
Grandmas 6th grade class puts on a 5 wk. preschool every year that when the grandkids are of age get to attend. It is now the Crew's turn.
It will be Huddy, Sally and Jonnie attending.
Grandma picks them up in the morning before she heads to school and then they get picked up when it is over.
He has been looking forward to this for Months, this was the main motivating factor in him being potty trained!
So that morning he woke up no hesitation, got ready and got his backpack which he wanted something in so I put in a pencil ( which apparently got lost at school which incited a breakdown- luckily pencil was found)

I was at work when he got home but Hollin said he was so excited about all the cool stuff in his backpack and he wouldn't take his crown off. In fact he wore it for about 3 Hours before he would finally take it off.

Ever since J was 1 Haircutting time was an absolute nightmare. That centered around Fighting, Yelling, Punishments, Bribery and Trickery. In the end it usually gets done in one way or the other. This time was no exception, Bribery won out though and frankly I think I got the better part of the deal.
He traded one buzzed head for a trip to the Ice Cream Man. - This was by far the easiest one yet. I may be using it again.

We discovered these blue spots on his head afterward, that came from some spray at the neighbors-ghetto I would say!
Here is Pres washing Huddy's hair, which she does basically every time they take a bath.
A couple of weeks ago during some beautiful weather we decided to have a picnic outside

Jack's Zoo Fieldtrip

Jackson's Fieldtrip this year was at the zoo. I was so glad he wanted me to go so bad. I know that won' t last forever.

All the pics of the animals he took himself. He was really into being the photographer.

Jack, Ellie and Melanie- all in the same class

He is already an old pro from milking the goats at Grandmas

He was so excited about his lunch, we went the night before to pick out snacks for the day. I think it was one of his fav. parts

It is so nice having so many cousins in the same grade at the same school.