Our Cabin Vacation

The whole summer I had been wanting to go up to the cabin with the family and just relax. So the week before school started I took the kids up there. The first part of the week we had D-dawg and my mom up with us. On the trip up we ran into a cloud it was pretty awesome and the kids were in awe. It was raining buckets when we arrived so we stopped off for a Hot N Ready from Little Ceasars, and enjoyed the night in the warm cabin. The next day was sooo cool because of the rain, the kids played outside and joined forces with the kids next door. For the next couple of nights we tried to do smores but every time we made it up to the fire pit it started raining and wet wood and fire don't really work. We did do it a couple of nights though, luckily my mom was there she was a master at starting fire. I know I couldn't have done it with out here .

She liked the smores but thought they were too much work so she decided to just skip right to stuffing a marshmallow into her mouth.
Jackson loved to make roasted marshmallows for everyone. He was pretty good at it.
This is the little fire pit they designed by rolling logs over to sit on.
during the trip whenever the kids wanted to earn a treat they had to pick up 20 pieces of trash. Well they earned a lot of treats, I believe in the first 2 days they each picked up a 100 pieces. It was slim pickings at the end of the week, but when we left that place was Spotless! On Monday D and my mom headed back, and then the next group arrived, Colin and his family. Presley was so excited about them, she LOVES babies and couldn't get enough of little Noah. The weather continued to be great. Raining at night and the day cool. Colin showed us how to work the quads and we had a lot of fun doing that.
A couple of days later Colin's family left and up came the Reynolds. More kids yea! We had a blast with smores and quads. They only bad thing was the first night they got there we were about to make dinner when the power went out. It was only for about an hour but I swear I was about ready to pack up and leave, I was not prepared. Right in the middle of cereal for dinner they came back on, luckily since I figured they were wishing they hadn't come up. Luckily the Reynolds are troopers and can handle a little "camping"- me not so much. Steve was supposed to come up and meet us but last minute could not, so unfortunately we went the whole week without seeing him, luckily we had plenty of company. During the Reynolds stay we had a couple of more mishaps, clogged toilet, burned finger but it was still a great time.

I can't wait till next summer, hopefully Steve will be able to come up and I can stay longer.


Family Time in the Rain

There is nothing better than Monsoon season, it is my absolute favorite time of the summer. I love when we all hang out in the rain playing. For someone reason every time we seem to end up playing football in the rain and that is usually the only time we play football!

Presley getting the big drips from the roof


Presley gets her nails done

For her birthday Aunt Sarah took Pres to get her nails done. This was her first time, but I wasn't worried how she would act since she was so perfect while getting her hair done. Well she was just as well behaved during her nail salon experience. Sarah tried to talk her into getting pink but she was dead set on purple which is funny since pink is her favorite color. But she sat through it all in awe and loved it. The whole rest of the night she was showing everyone her nails and toe nails, telling them that Aunt Sarah took her. I can't wait till I get to take her now.


My dearest baby girl/big girl

Presley is my baby, she is now 2 yrs old and my youngest child. But she is such a Big Girl most of the time, which is just so sad. and since I am not ready to have another one I need to keep her little Forever!
Presley's Loves
  • shoes, her shoes, new shoes, my shoes and daddy's shoes. You give this girl a pair of shoes and she will squeal in delight
  • Her silkie, little silkie, & other silkie- she has her 3 silkies and this is what she calls them. They do not substitute for other ones and she has to have them at all times. Yes all 3 of them.
  • Books- she loves to read and be read too. I am constantly finding her on her bed reading. ( favorites inclued Pout Pout Fish and 5 Little Monkeys)
  • Doggies- she is mesmerized by them. Her face when she is around a dog is priceless she gets so excited she can't even stand it.
  • Talking on the phone. My boys are not phone talkers at all, if they have to they say 2 words and then try to get off. Not Pres, she is constantly getting my phone and calling people on her own. My friend Amanda said Pres called her the other day and they had a little chat! It is so fun to talk to her on the phone ( even though I can't always tell her and Hudson apart) she has stories, she gets excited and she never wants to hang up. The best thing about Presley on the phone is watching her talk to someone. Her facial expressions are priceless- she is REALLY into it and we all love her for it.
  • Binkie- she loves it and refuses to part with it. Enough said
  • Her Uncle LaLa- her boyfriend- he can turn her frown upside down anytime, mention his name and all is well.
  • Her babies- she loves them all
  • Lotion- she is constantly sneaking it and then trying to rub it all over us
  • Makeup/chapstick- she loves putting on my makeup, taking my chapstick and putting it in her pocket.
  • Nursery- from the moment she was able to go in she has loved it, never cried for one second. She walk right in and starts playing, she loves snack time and singing time. She comes home singing Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • FOOD- yes if you know Pres you know that her love for food is equal to that of mine. This girl can't get enough.
  • Goats Milk- yes she like all milk but will request Goats milk no matter where she is.
For these and so many other reasons we absolutely ADORE our Presley girl. She is my best friend, whenever I am away from her I am constantly missing her. Presley has such character, she is constantly making us laugh, I will never be able to get enough and if I could I would make her stay this age Forever!
Dressed up in one of my old dance costumes
passed out with her silkies and binkie
shoe fetish

finished product

One of her favorite birthday gifts, a brush. She has been brushing our hair ever since.
Pres got into the drawer I was organizing and this is what she came up with


Presley's Milk & Cookie Party

a few months before Presley's b-day I told Steve I wanted to get her a toy chest, so we looked around and we couldn't seem to find anything cheap enough. That is when he said he could make one himself for way cheaper then any of those! Well I had my doubts, but it didn't take him long at all. I was so excited for Pres to have something that her dad made her.
before it was done me and my mom went to work on the aesthetics of it. Luckily I had her because it would never have turned out as nice as it did without her.

After Presley's 1st Birthday Purple party I said that this year was just going to be a simple affair. But after seeing this website I HAD to do the "milk and cookie" party. Fortunately I have a great family who helped me pull it off. It may not have been as nice as the one on the website but I thought it turned out pretty good.

( my sil heather made these Fabulous oreo cookies- a new business she is starting)

( suzy's awesome banners- btw she is selling them now for a great price)
my vision for this cookie cake was a little more classy- but hey it did the job

Presley loves babies and as soon as one showed up at the party she had to go and see him.

Aunt Sarah took pres to get her nails done for the first time, before her party.
( more pics later)
She showed them off all party!
Boyfriend 1

Boyfriend 2
Never missing an opportunity to eat
Ready for presents
all these pics are so cute- Presley is famous for her faces and she did not dissapoint

filling up their bags at the cookie bar

tills and pres
everyone was in love with Grandma C's awesome find
Happy Birthday to Presley