My Bead Party

For everyone who did not come to the bead party, you sure missed out. There was tons of great food and good company. It took me the whole night to decide on a necklace, but I finally did and this is the result.
How cute does she look in it. 
She loves it, mostly to eat.

Thanks to all those who came and made and especially Wende for all her hard work.

My Oldest

J is definitely my challenge, but sometimes he does things that make it sooo worth it.  
The other day at PPP, he was such a sweetheart. He was helping Huddy and Maddux out the whole time making sure they had tokens, tickets and prizes. He perfected the art of scavenging. I didn't give him one token but he made it out of there with a boat load of stuff. He scoured the floors for tokens and tickets, hopped on the carousel once it was already moving and even got the ticket guy to give him stuff that was worth way more than he had. By the end of the day he made it out of there with an airplane, ring, bracelet, bat ring for Huddy, & a lizard for Maddux. I gotta tell you I was pretty impressed.

Jackson loves learning in school, lately he loves to add things but for some reason he thinks that using his fingers is cheating or something since whenever I ask him to add something he either turns around or hides under the table to add it. He is such a cutie, and very smart.



For not being a very big football fan we definitely got the spirit when the Cards made it to the Superbowl. While J and I were watching the news we saw that they were giving away all this free food for wearing Cardinals gear. We went around looking for some but either there were none, or they were expensive. Syd was making shirts for her and her family so we got in on that and made some shirts for the game. 
The day of the free food we all borrowed shirts. 
First Chick-fil-a drive through. Next was Sprinkles for the Cardinal Red Velvet Cupcakes.( which happened to be my first time at the Scottsdale location)

The boys loved it
Hudson ate every last bit of it. 
We had planned on going to Chipotle but once we saw the line. It was a Heck no, ( with 10 kids in our group that was not going to happen)
yeah still going.
The next day was Grandma C's Souper Bowl party! With all kinds of Yummy soup, and goodies. It was perfect, except for the mud in the backyard. 
This is Hudson after 15 min. of being there. 
The game was a good one. That got pretty intense for a lot of the guests.
Jon the only Steelers fan getting excited about the interception touchdown in the first half. 

Parker getting real worried. 
It was a sad loss.
The next day at school J insisted on wearing his Cardinals shirt. A true fan. 




I am having my 1st BEAD PARTY!
VALENTINES DAY is just around the corner and who couldn't use some new BLING for You or your Girls. 
When: Thursday the 5th from  7 -Whenever

Please come and bring friends. It will be a Party all night long with Yummy snacks too.

if you would like to come email me and I will give you the address.