Steve's 33rd B-day

The Man of the Day

Sadly after the initial decor pics I forgot to take any pics of the attendees and the Birthday boy.
As you can probably guess it was a Cereal Party. Why? You ask. Well Steve loves cereal more than anyone I have ever met. It is truly his favorite food, he even put it on our wedding registry! Yes it is hard for someone who loves making new kinds of food and is such a breakfast person to be married to a man like this. Yet I have learned to deal with it, even when he eats a small portion of the food I make and then gets a bowl of cereal to follow it up. Or when he has cereal as an appetizer before we go out for dinner.
He has also passed this trait onto ALL of our children, without fail they will ALWAYS choose cereal for breakfast. So I have to limit it to twice a week for the kids.
If we don't have at least 15 ( not exaggerating) boxes of cereal in the pantry, he gets antsy and goes to the store to stock up. I mean I don't really even like cereal and this is how I have to live, but hey it does have it's upsides. It makes for a cheap and easy meal when I don't feel like cooking! I just hope I nothing ever happens to me because my children will be raised completely on cereal.

I love this man
he is such a hard worker and can do anything.
he never gossips and is always keeping me in check
he never takes offense and always thinks the best of people
he is so giving- no matter how much he has he will give you whatever you need
he is always helping out people and giving of his time
his children love him and he would do anything for them
he is always Right!
he's funny, handsome and easy to please
he is the BEST gift giver
he wants to learn to play the piano
he loves to go shopping at Ross & Marshall's
he loves to go to the grocery store- even on his bike!
he LOVES milk- whole milk/goats milk
he is always cold
loves beanies -especially the ones he made
he loves free shirts and will always wear them instead of his nice bought ones
he won't buy anything over $10 and always finds the best deals
he is super loyal to his friends
loves almost all foods and will try anything at least once
he loves to buy stuff
he loves golfing & basketball
he loves the Chargers
he loves reading US weekly and watching TMZ
he loves concrete

there are a million more things I could say but I will end with Happy Birthday and I love You!


Halloween Time

Like I said busy month, here are some over the Halloween activities we did. Sadly I didn't get any pics from our amazing fall festival. Maybe since I never even saw the kids- they spent the whole night in the bouncy houses or on the tractor trailer thingy.

For our first Halloween party I didn't have all their costumes so I just dressed them up in whatever we could find around the house. Hudson ended up loving his so much that he decided that is what he wanted to be for Halloween.
Aunt Suzy is starting an annual Halloween party for the kids, it was a blast. Of course there were crafts, yummy treats and games galore.

This table was for popcorn hands but Pres saw an opportunity she could not pass up!
Jackson and his cupcake from the cupcake walk.
Hudson won Most Fun Costume- since every kid was trying to "ride" him

Hudson on his way to his preschool party, his teachers said he would not take off the jacket or hat the whole time. By the time I got there he was drenched in sweat. That is Hudson for ya.

Miss Dora, Pres LOVED her costume she was so excited about it.
On Halloween the neighbors get together and Gary makes hot dogs and I make my White Chili, we hang out until it is time to Trick or Treat. Since Halloween fell on Sunday this year we were going to go on sat. night thinking all the members would be doing it that night. Well after dinner Uncle Dave took the boys and the rest of the cousins over to Grandma Cheryl's for Shelle's carnival and Grandmas store. So it was just me and Pres, she kept begging to go Trick or Treating so we headed off, we walked down our whole street and only one house was out giving candy, it was dead. I was going to just go back but Pres was begging me to Trick or Treat still, I had heard that a ward was doing a Trunk or Treat at the church building so we walked down there. It took her all of 10 min. to fill up her basket.

We went back home and there were still no trick or treaters so we headed over to the carnival and Grandma C's. The boys had never gone Trick or Treating since they were there all night so on the way home we hit up another Trunk or Treat.
See all this candy well about 1/10 of it has been eaten, almost all of it was donated to the troops and the kids have still not finished what I let them keep. But hey it's the fun of getting free candy right? Also the comparing and trading!

The next night when all the trick or treaters came around Hudson sat outside for hours passing out candy. He would run to everyone even close to the house and start putting candy in their bags, curbside service! He was so excited doing it, I think he enjoyed it more than trick or treating. He wouldn't come in until all the candy was gone!



We have had a super busy month, birthdays, Virginia, Steve's b-day, Halloween, Anniversary,Boy cousins sleepover, primary program, General conference, pumpkin carving, work, work, school and party's up the yang!

With all the craziness that goes with being a mom, watching sweet moments such as these make it all worth while.

reading to BB

then he wanted to lay down with BB
next Pres read to BB
then Hudson and his new BFF Buddy Bear watching a movie.

Hudson was able to bring home Buddy Bear from school. He has been asking to do it for a couple of weeks now and when he got out of the car holding him, well I have never seen him so happy! He screamed " I got Buddy Bear" The next 2 days was Hudson and Buddy Bear, and Pres trying to squeeze in on the action.


My eldest turns 7!

Sometimes I can't believe I have a 7 yr. old. It has gone by way too fast. Jackson is such a sweet kid who loves his friend and is always up for anything. He will try any type of food and is the best masseuse! He is boy through and through, he is always wanting to wrestle and sword fight. He is becoming such a great little reader and will read for his brother and sister. He is so responsible with his new dog and never complains when he has to feed or pick up the poop! He loves to draw and is so creative, I love seeing the things he draws. We love Jackson and couldn't imagine life without him.

Morning present time

For his birthday J wanted a motor scooter so we went in on half with him and he paid the rest.
I think he likes it!
This year for his birthday he said he wanted to do a Vehicle party, I had no idea what that meant, but we came up with an idea. We decide to invite everyone to bring their favorite "vehicle" and we were going to Freestone skate park. Well I guess we should have checked up on the rules because half way through the party all the bikes and scooters got kicked off. The kids still had a blast either way.
We had a couple of spills, and of course no party of J's would be complete without a little meltdown.( he was mad we didn't bring his motor scooter)

Dallin, Conway, Hudson, Parker, Jackson, Cooper and Hunter

Jackson getting cash- this boy is a saver and LOVES cash!
J also got a bakugan pack which Hudson thought was his and was so excited!

His vehicle cake
Decorating a pumpkin.