There are a lot of differences in these 2 pics that are one year apart. My long hair, Presley's no hair and super chubbiness. But there is one constant that is at almost EVERY Eager Parade- Jackson and his grumpiness. For someone reason each year something sets him off, and he proceeds to pout the rest of the morning. Not participating in any of the candy getting fun of every parade. I really hope next year I will be telling a different tell.

Bright Eyes

Getting ready to make a dash for some candy!
Jackson still pouting

After she got a few things she decided she just wanted to start in on the bag
I know this looks pretty dangerous but trust me she was safe!

for the 4th weekend my family headed up to our cabin in Show low to make a whole weekend out of it. We went to Eager for the 4th. Great fun, and even better food!
Then we watched the fireworks in Showlow- Steve found us an awesome place to watch but we all seemed to think it lasted way too long. It was only 45 min. but we were all done at 30min.
We played games, ate food and enjoyed the company. Till next year.......

The new highlight of the cabin is the little swings on the porch ( which are actually foot rests for a larger swing.) The only problem was there are only 2 and everyone wanted to swing. I even gave it a whirl and man was it fun.

Fathers Day

Jackson got home late that night from a trip. As soon as he got home he couldn't wait to give dad all his presents. He even put in a dollar of his own money. He knows his dad pretty well. J also brought home some crawdads he caught at the cabin- I think that was dad's fav. present they gobbled them right up.