Museum & Light Rail

Last week my mom invited us to the Phoenix Children's Museum, since her work got in free for the week and anyone with them. Since it was in Phoenix we decided to take the new Light Rail. It was so much fun, first we got on the wrong bus and it wasn't moving so we got off that one and onto the right one. We were pretty much all alone on the way there. The boys loved it and just stared out the window the whole way. Hudson was in awe. 

After we got off the Rail we had a short walk to the Museum. It was so awesome, I had never been but I absolutely loved it. There were so many things to do there for all ages. 

They also had an art room with tons of free projects for the kids to do and take home. 
They made clay snowmen.

One of my favorite things was this huge hallway of noodles that you would just run through. 

Another favorite room of mine was the Supermarket with shopping carts and tons of food. With checkout lanes that were exactly like the real thing even the noises.

Hudson felt so big he loved it.
Jackson kept saying that he needed to find the olives. I think he thought he was really buying all of this stuff.

I definitely reccomend going to this museum but it is a bit pricy $9 for ages 1 and up. But it really is so worth it you will love it just as much as your kids. 

School Days again

Now that we live in Mesa, J has been able to go back to school after his semester break. Since there is no pre-k programs in QC at the schools and preschool was getting too expensive I decided to take him out. So he went for 2 yrs. and then nothing. Needless to say he was pretty bored, but now he is in Pre-k at the local school with his cousin and our new next door neighbor. He absolutely loves it. The first week it was Easy to get him out of bed at 7 in the a.m. ( being that he usually sleeps till 9 or 10) but he was so excited about school that he jumped out of bed. Of course the excitement has worn off so getting him out of bed is a bear. But he still loves being there, he loves his teachers, P.E., recess, class and especially all his new friends. He thinks school is play time, so I don't know how his teachers are doing. He says that his teacher always calls him Cooper ( his older cousin) since they both have shaved heads. Luckily there is no one else Jackson would like to be compared to more. Coop is his Idol. I am so glad he loves school and his homework. I hope it lasts.

The other day J was at his cousins house and a friend of theirs came up to him and said "Hi Jackson" he replied with " you can call me J, J -dawg, Z, Zilla, thats what my friends call me." 
We all got a huge chuckle out of that.

The Suns

A couple of wks ago we got tickets to the Suns Game and what a night. P & Kanoe got 4 tickets the same night and took Jon and Summer so we all carpooled. during the second half of the game P & Jon switched their courtside seats with Summer & Kanoe the second they got down there they decided to go under to get some food and decided to stay the rest of the game. They wouldn't come up after the game ended because they were waiting for the players to come out, so Steve, P and I all snuck down. We got caught right as we reached them but luckily they had made friends with the wife of Mark West who said we were her guests! so we hung out waiting for the players. Most of them came out except for Shaq ( but we did see his wife), so we got some pictures except for the ones that snubbed us ( Stoudemire) The best pic. was of course with Nash oh I just love him.
I think the best part of the night was not having to drive all the way back to QC after, oh how I love that.


So the last month has been to say the least HECTIC. After months and months of trying to sell our house and no luck, plus the lull in work we decided to leave our house and move into town. Luckily our in laws had a house right in the center of all of our family for us to rent. It was about half the size of our other one but a way better location. I was sad about leaving our house for many reasons, I LOVED our ward, my calling, the QC friends I had made, and of course the beautiful Home we had created. There is nothing more special than your first house, especially one that you build yourself, put so much into and raise your children in. 

At first I was so nervous about moving into a home so much smaller than ours and how would we fit all our stuff. ( after 7 yrs. of marriage we have a lot of STUFF) but I knew that it would all work out. The first look at the house and I thought there was no way. But we have managed to fit most everything in that we need and the rest we sold off at our Massive garage sale. 
The crazy thing is that I am already more in love with this house and neighborhood than I ever was with our other one. It is crazy how a neighborhood can make or break a house. We never had any kids for J to play with, no neighbors to talk to or family nearby. Jackson and Hudson are outside playing all day with friends and cousins, I get drop ins all the time from family and friends and I get to feed people which is my fav. thing to do. I feel so blessed that every thing has turned out so great. 

Here are some pics of all our painting. I am so lucky to have such a helping family who were all over 24/7 packing and unpacking, moving us, painting and everything else they did including watching my children ( I so needed that ). We love you all and appreciate everything. 
The picture Stephen kept putting over the whole in the wall. He called it his DILF picture. 


My Biggest girl

Well Presley is now 6 months. 
She has been growing like a weed and getting so big everyday. 
Around 5 1/2 months she started sitting up and right after she turned 6 months she started crawling. She is so sweet that is when she is not crying. Thank goodness for Baby Einstein.
She loves to have her belly kissed and loves when anyone sings or dances for her. She also loves to talk to you. I am so thankful for her and love everything about her as do her brothers.
Stats: Weight 15lbs. 5oz. 25%
Height 27.75 95% 


A few weeks ago J started complaining about tremendous pain in his mouth. So I got an emergency appt. with Dr. K. 
Last time he didn't make it through so I was super nervous, I stayed in the waiting room hoping that would help. He made it through though it didn't sound too good back there. 
I think the worst part for him was the aftermath, numbing. He was freaking out saying he wanted to bite his tongue, why I have no idea. But after a shake from BK all was well.

Unfortunately we have to go back for round 2 

Hudson Boy is 2

My Hudson Boy has turned 2. Since it happened around the same time we moved we didn't do much but I did manage to make a cake which only took me 2 hours to frost and 2 bottles or red food coloring. ( at least next time I know what I am up against)
It was all worth it to see how happy he was about his Elmo cake.
Birthday Buddies
Grandma C and Huddy have the same b-day
What I love about my Second Born
he is still a little cuddle bug
he is always so happy 
he LOVES his brother and sister and wants to be with them at all times
he is Obsessed with his binkies- he will hold as many as he can find.
he will rub them on his face, put them on his big toe or connect them as seen below. 
he loves to sing, Abc, Old Mcdonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider
he is a courtesy laugher: awhile ago I taught him the Guess What joke
Guess what?
Chicken Butt? 
and every time he gives you a laugh. Now all Stephens family loves to do it to him so he will get 20 of those in a day, and still doles out the same exact laugh. 
Every time we ask him to say cheese he cocks his head all the way down with a huge smile on his face. 
He loves to wear his shoes, and his jacket. (lucky me) 
Who wouldn't love that little Toe Head
Hudson aka Dobber


Christmas Christmas and more Christmas

Well this Christmas was just as magical and wonderful as all the rest. Even more so with Presley in our home. Christmas is so obviously my favorite holiday from the end of Thanksgiving right up until the last Decoration is down. Sometimes it seems that the days leading up are better than the actual day. All the family get-togethers and special spirit all around. This year for Christmas was just as crazy as always rushing from house to house not to miss seeing anyone. Though I love it all and love seeing the family sometimes I wish we could just have a Christmas where we stay home and family comes to see us. Maybe as the kids get older we will have to do that anyway. My children were once again Blessed with many gifts from loved ones. 

This year due to many things I decided it would be better to make all our gifts. To put it mildly I was not prepared for the task. 
Not only is it really not much cheaper but the amount of time it involves is overwhelming, so much so that I really didn't even finish everything I wanted to. 
My biggest project was turning all of my families home movies into DVD's complete with editing and chapters. I finished about 4 yrs. but still have a ways to go. This is now an ongoing project. 
Another Huge project was the FHE kit for Sarah & Lee, I also made ours at the same time. All the coloring cutting, glueing, printing, laminating and searching was crazy but. I pulled it off right in time. 
I also made some tutus, and photo books. 
After all is said and done I am really glad I did this, a homemade gift really means so much more.  

Making Santa's Cookies
The Girls. 
One of the best parts of the night is when we do the Nativity. Every year it gets bigger with the addition on new kids. What a sight to see. I am so glad my children are able to be a part of it.  Thanks Grandma for always making it a part of the night.

Don't you just feel the love. 
What a classic face from Hud

Casey boy trying  on the Tutu I made for Ellie. I wouldn't be too worried Lee! 

Presley's first gift. She sure tore into it. I think she liked the sound of the paper the most.

The Boy's gift. 
This year Cheryl got all the boys this beautiful statue of Joseph and Hyrum with the saying 
"Friends are good but Brothers are Better" inscribed on it. 
Which is pretty much the family Motto. 
we all got a little emotional as Cheryl presented the gift.
During the annual Christmas Drawing J won. He got a Santa plate made by Stephen's grandparents. 
Traditional Christmas Pinata

Keeping with tradition Santa always leaves and Orange and $2 bill in everyones stockings.
Huddy was a bit giddy about his money

Candy Cane Girls

Magic Snowman- at my uncles they have a snowman that talks to you and dances. The boys were going crazy for it.

Jackson's loot
favorite toys include:
leapster, Chronicles or Narnia 2, remote control cars

Huddy's loot
fav. toys
crocs, baseball bat, Elmo Live

Presley and her loot
fav. toy
her music crib thingy