Happy Birthday Heather

Today is my sister-in-law Heather's Birthday. She has now been in our family almost a year and it has been so much fun. Colin is the only one of my siblings married, getting new sisters and brothers is the best, I love that our family is now starting to grow. Heather is super fun, a great baker and very fashionable, I am constantly copying her style. If I had not had her in Pennysylvania list last trip, I would have gone crazy. I am so glad Colin picked you Heather, Have a great B-day. We love you!


Rundown #3 Wednesday Night

So I am finaly done with my shows from Wed. night, well I still have Bionic Woman on my other T.V. but wont have time to watch that for today.

Criminal Minds- a great show, especially if you are into crime shows. It is a really different where they focus on Criminal Profiling. Though I think they might be losing one of their best characters.

Private Practice- Grey's Anatomy spinoff. I love Addison Shepherd so I really enjoyed it plus who doesn't love Taye Diggs and Tim Daly (Wings). The episode was great and I can't wait to see more.

OFFICE is tonight Wahoo!!!!!!

You better watch.


Here is Jackson doing his homework today, I am so glad he loves to do it. He is getting so good at writing his name and cuttting, glueing, sorting, patterns and so much more

Jackson is so excited for his Birthday Party this Friday night, it is his first kids only party and he wanted a Star Wars sleepover ( since his cousins Tug and Talbot had a sleepover last year). Last week we went shopping for party supplies and he loved it, when we got home he had to show his dad all the stuff and then put it up, he also wanted to make a list of what we are going to do at the party, he really wants to be involved in the planning process. He keeps going into the closet and getting the pinata out. Yesterday I bought candy for it and told him about it , so he immediately wanted to put it in. I really hope the party goes well since he is so super excited. 10 boys sounds like a bit of a nightmare but I think I am just as excited.

Rundown Tuesday night.

Sorry it is so late I just barely got to watch my shows, I was way too tired last night and this morning Jill called to go to the mall to Gap's amazing sale ( most of the store is on sale and on all sale prices they take an additional 25% off) needless to say I bought a ton. I took the kids to the mall park so Jill could finish shopping and it is a lot harder to watch 4 kids in one of those places than I thought, especially since Sadie was running out every chance she got and Brody and Jackson were getting attacked by a girl who had a crush on them she even pinned Brody down and kissed him. Downside I lost Hud's favorite Silkie that he needs 24/7 I even went back to every store I had been to which took a 1/2 hour, I was pretty sad.

Here goes

House- love the show, but I was definitely missing Cameron, Chase, and Foreman they better come back for good or I don't know how good it will be. But it is a fantastic show that always keeps you on your feet. Medical Mysteries rock

Bones- LOVE IT, yes mostly because of David Boreanz ( Angel from Buffy) if the hottest guys ever, but also because Forensic Science is so interesting.

The Reaper- This is a new one about a guy whose parents sold his soul to the Devil and he now has to do his work for him ( a bounty hunter for the escapees of Hell) good, I love the CW and will continue to watch it

Sorry to all the reality fans out there, for some reason I dont love shows like the Bachelor, Amazing Race, and Survivor. I just cant get into them.


The Rundown

Most of you know that I am somewhat obsessed with T.V. , I am a T.V. aholic,f iend, nut, buff. I have seen pretty much every show and have them all on my DVR list. At certain times I am taping 4 shows at once and Yes I do find the time to watch them. Though I do not watch in the day anymore. I watch my programs after everyone is asleep and before everyone wakes up, and with DVR I can watch 4 hrs. of tv in 3. So this week is one of my favorite of the year. Premiere Week! My favorite shows come back and new ones get added to the list. The only downside to this is that some of my shows are not returning and some that I will inevitably fall in love with, will not make it. So here is my reviews on the shows.

Monday night:

Heroes- This is defienelty my top pick, all that hype isn't for nothing it is an incredible show. As long as you are into sci-fi. The show last night was great, I was so intrigues by Mr. Kensei and can't wait to find out what is up with Peter. If you have not watched this I would sugget you rent the first season and start taping this one. It is going to be a great Season 2.

Dancing With the Stars- I love love this show, who doesn't like to watch celebs dance. Ever since Drew Lachey I have been hooked and this year's cast is one of a kind. Jenny Garth is my top pick, mainly because well I like her the best, but it is anyone's game.

How I Met Your Mother- I just started watching this last season and was immediately hooked. I adore Allyson Hannigan from my fav. show Buffy, and her cute as can be husband are such a great on screen couple but my favorite is Barney (Neil Patrick Harris aka Doogie Howser) It is LOL funny and you need to watch at least once. Guest apperances by Enrique Inglesias, and Mandy Moore!

Rules of Engagement- this one I am actually kind of suprised it stayed on the air, don't get me wrong it is good, but I am shocked everyone else thought so as well. I am sometimes alone in my views. My #1 draw was Mr. Oliver Hudson from Dawson's Creek which is funny cause his on-screen fiance was also on Dawsons Creek My # 2 draw is Patrick Warburton who was on Seinfeld ( Mr. David Putty) his sense of humor is so dry, and fresh.

Journeyman- this is a new show about a man who is traveling through time, but doesn't know how he is doing it or for what purpose. I enjoyed it, not the best show ever but it definitely has me intrigued. This show will stay on my DVR.

Please let me know what you think.


Happy Birthday Dear Suzy Q

Today is Suzanne's 26th B-day. So I would like to give a shout out to her. Here are some of the reasons I love Suzanne.

1. She taught me how to make out with a boy.
2. She always reminds of our great Cheer Days!
3. She is never on time, though I know she wants to be.
4. She always makes sure Ellie's hair is perfecto, even at the Cabin.
6. She is always there for me, and so very giving.
7. She is the best interior designer, and helped me Tons with my house.
8. She keeps me company while I am driving home, by talking about anything with me.
9. She is my sister-in-law, how lucky am I to have my friend become my sister!
10. She is so dang gorgeous, I love when she curls her hair, puts on her blingy shoes for a night out in L.A.
11. We have a love for many of the same shows. ( DH, October Road, Grey's, Office.)
12. She loves to quote The Office, and Napoleon on a regular basis. Everytime we talk about it we can't help but laugh.
13. She is watching Huddy for me while I am in Costa Rica ( that is love)
Thanks for all you do for me, I am so thankful to have you in my life. You definitely make my life easier and more fun.

More Feet

Here is a picture I shot today after Hudson got out of the tub, he loves it so much that his feet had turned into prunes. and I love taking pictures of feet.


I have finally succombed.

10 FAVORITES-sorry I can' stop at one.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Foods: Mexican, Seafood, American, Italian, Japanese - I LOVE all Food!
Favorite Month: October ( it starts getting cold my anniversary, hubbys b-day and Jacks b-day and Halloween ) & December ( what isn't to love about December it is perfect the music, smells, family, and everything else)
Favorite Song: The Broken Road - Rascal Flats anything they sing
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde, Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite Sport: to watch Basketball to play Softball
Favorite Season: Fall- the colors, weather and smells, I love to wear warm clothes
Favorite Day of the week: Sunday- my family is all with me and we get to spend all day together
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road
Favorite Time of Day: Antyime I am eating.

Current Mood: Bored- which is why I am doing this
Current Taste: chicken fajitas ( dinner)
Current Clothes: pajamas ( which I have been in all day, pathetic I know)
Current Desktop:Background is Jackson, Browser is my blog( obviously)
Current Toenail Color: Burnt Orange
Current Time: 9:25 P.M.
Current Surroundings: My office and Jack
Current Thoughts: I wish Jack would go to bed, and brush his teeth

First Best Friend: Jill Arnett
First Kiss: I tell people it was Brick Allen my senior year but in fact it is actually Brandon Tackett on a bet that he made with me that I couldn't get a guy to kiss me, which I couldn't so he kissed me and well I was scarred which is why I didn't do it for a long time after that. Well that and the fact that no one tried. The sad life I led.
First Screen Name: Crystal Annie
First Pet: Tramp a Collie
First Piercing: my ears
First Crush: Drummer Lambert 1st grade
First CD: dont remember
First car: The Blazer ( gas gauge didn't work and so I would stall all the time.)

Last Cigarette: never had one
Last Drink: water
Last Car Ride: driving home from Walmart
Last Kiss: from Jackson
Last Movie Seen: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (lame)
Last Phone Call: Stephen
Last CD Played: High School Musical 2

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: no
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Yes ( traffic laws)
Have You Ever Been Arrested: No
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: no
Have You Ever Been on TV: yes
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: no

Thing You're Wearing: shirt and gauchos
Thing You've Done Today: Pretty much nothing but sit around the house playing with the kids, cleaning, eating, working on Enrichment, blogging, watching t.v. Whatever.
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: Jackson singing "We are Family"
Thing You Can't Live Without: Family, church, food, fun
Thing You Do When You're Bored: Play with my kids, Watch TV, Blog, EAT!

1. Home
2. Home
3. Mailbox
4. Backyard

1. Stephen
2. My mom
3. Angela

1. Black or White: black
2. Hot or Cold: Hot water Cold Weather

1. Travel everywhere

Jenn sorry I stole some of your answers they were just the exact same things I would say!
I tag anybody who likes to do this, I usually don't but oh well I was bored.

Fieldtrip Numero Uno

On Wednesday Jackson went on his first fieldtrip for the year to Mesa Southwest Museum. He had an absolute blast. Right when we got there while we were waiting outside he was extremely giddy, he kept hugging Kai and running around trying to get in. Inside the museum the boys ran a muck. They were inseperable (Kai, Owen and Jacob). Running from exhibit to exhibit and trying to climb on everything. Which got them in a wee bit of trouble. During 2 spots there were t.v.'s and well Jackson being the kid that he is had to watch, completely consumed in the show ( he is certainly my kid). One of his favorite parts was when one of the Museum workers told the boys all about the dinosaurs and showed them some cool fossils. When we got home Jack found his Veloca Raptor and told me what there special claw on their feet that helps them get the other dinosaurs. We tried the panning for gold, and my advice is don't bother. It was kind of a nightmare, the gold was gold specks in the sand that was hard to pick out since it was the same size as the sand, also the water spilled everywhere on us. All in all it was a succesful trip. Since we have gotten home, Jackson brought out his dinosaurs and hasn't stopped playing with them since. Here are a few captured moments


My Bro

Here is my brother Travis and my dad at the football game in Yuma. I just love the picture, I wasn't there but they killed. If you don't read the paper and don't care about football, you wouldn't know that my brother Travis is a fantastic football player. He is so good and at every game we are constantly hearing his name. Also the next day he is frequently in the newspaper, after the Yuma game they even had a picture in their paper with Trav sacking the quarterback. Just wanted to give a shout out to my amazingly talented and sweet brother. Love you and hope you keep on winning TOP DAWG!


8 Months!

My baby is now 8 months, I truly can't believe how fast it has gone by. Here are some things my baby enjoys and loves to do, with pictures as well.
- He loves to play in the toilets ( if we have left a door open or a toilet seat up, he knows and crawls like a speed demon to it)
- If the toilet seat is down he decides he will play with the toilet paper instead
- His favorite thing to do is play with the cord for the blinds on the door. He can seriously play right there for a 1/2 hour straight.
-Playing with his brother always makes him happy.
- He doesn't like to be thrown up in the air, but does love to be swung from side to side.
- Anytime someone is eating or drinking near him, he goes crazy trying to get some.
- Once in a while he will say MaMa
- He loves his silkie, binkies and baba (even after it is gone he keeps on suckin)
- No matter how mad he is I can put on Elmo's World and he will sit there mesmerized and watch the whole thing. He also loves when I sing it to him.
- He is a pretty calm baby and not agressive towards other babies( this being the exact opposite of Jackson), except everytime he sees Puff dog he follows her around trying to get her.
- Huddy also loves to stand up to the bath tub and just stare longingly into it, apparently remembering the good times.
- He also loves paper, eating it tearing it anything that that ruins it.
- If he sees anything on the ground he goes right for it and tries to eat it.
- Huds also loves to get his picture taken and smiles when ever the camera is on him.
- When he crawls on the tile he has one leg up it is hilarious to watch and he is super fast too.
- Everytime I go to change Hudson's diaper he twists around as hard as he can making it very difficult to change him

Each day is filled with new experiences and I love to watch him learn and grow.


Today Jackson had an appt. to get some fillings done on his teeth. Dr. Keith had suggested we do nitros oxide (laughing gas) to make him calm. Well all was going well, so we thought, he was telling Jackson that the mask was like Darth Vaders which Jack is really into right now. The he gave him the shots and a minute later Jackson was going crazy, crying, kicking, trying to get up and take off the mask. We tried to calm him down but he wouldn't so we had to turn off the gas and go home. It was the worst, I was so stressed, the whole time thinking next time Stephen is taking him. I felt so bad for Keith, and I am sure all the girls in the office thought my child is crazy, since he couldn't even be drugged to calm down. Oh well, maybe it'll go better next time, if I decide I can handle taking him back. He was also numb for the next couple of hours which he hated.


Nap, Say What

Mondays are Stephens days off, so I scheduled my dentist appt. today. At the dentist Keith Kennedy filled a cavity and told me I have a bunch more that need to be replaced, plus I still need a crown on. So I will be going back, good thing he is such a great dentist or it would be a very awful experience. While I was gone Stephen had the boys, when I got back Jackson was taking a nap. Now I am sure you are thinking that is normal for a 3 yr. old, but not for J. He hasn't had a nap for about a year and a half. All of a sudden he just stop taking them, I probably would have fought him on it but he was always good about watching a movie for a couple of hours during the day for a quiet time, and then he started preschool so I got my break and he seemed fine. Also Jackson goes to bed around 9 and wakes up anywhere from 10-11. So it is not like he doesn't get any sleep. I was shocked, he got woken up early today, but that has happened many times and he still doesn't nap, so this is a rare occasion. I sure wish I had nap time back sometimes. Here are a few shots of the day, Jackson was playing Peek a boo with Hudson and he was cracking up. Jackson can't help but pick Hudson up a few hundred times each day.


Heritage Night

Tonight after Heritage Cheryl taught the children the candy bar game. Everyone sits in a circle with a bunch of candy and one dollar bill in the middle of the circle. A bowl with dice is passed around if you get a One or a Five you get to pick something out of the middle or take from somebody else as long as you remember what they have ( since you can hide it behind your back) It is a real fun game but just imagine what it is like with a bunch of little kids the oldest being 10 and the youngest 2. It was quite a sight, most of the parents were behind their kids telling them who had what and whether or not they got a one or five. The dollar bill was the hot item Cooper started out with it and I think it changed hands 15 times ( that is the only item the kids remembered who had it). Right before the time was up Cooper got the dollar back and two seconds later Jackson finally got a one and took it from Cooper and then the game ended that second. Well of course he broke into tears, it was heartbreaking. Jackson was such a sweet boy and went and gave the dollar to Coop ( his favorite person in the world) luckily he had a candy bar too so he didn't leave empty handed. It was a good game and I think the kids did alright at it. Cheryl has decided to make it a tradition at every Heritage Night, so I am sure their will be a lot more sad children and happy ones.

When Cheryl was explaining the game said that her boys played this every year on their birthdays and that every time Stephen would play he would only pick the candy that no one else cared about and so everytime after it was over he had a ton of candy. That sure sounds like Steve!

Football Football Hey!

With all the football I watched this weekend you would have no idea that I dont really like it. On Friday night we went to Mesa High's game, my brother Travis is on the team and he is GREAT! The game was kind of sad since we didn't win but I had an ok time. Bringing kids to any crowded sporting event makes it a challenge in its own. Luckily my family was all there to keep them entertained. On Sat. Jackson went to a birthday party for Owen Jones ( a friend from his school class) all the boys there are also going to be on his T-ball team this year,which is great since he had so much fun with the boys! It was at Brunswick Lanes on Dobson and they had blast, we woke up late and didn't have time to eat anything so as soon as we got there Jack wanted to know where the pizza was, he was pretty concerned with it the whole time and kept walking away to find it. Sad I know. It was a great party, though I don't know how much fun the birthday boy had after he openend his present (halfway through the party) he just wanted to go home and play with them. Melanie even had a candle for each boys cupcake so they could all blow something out ( good thinking since I know most kids all try to blow out the birthday kids candles). That night we had my dad's tickets to the ASU game, Justin and Sarah Carter came with us. It was mostly fun, except for the heat, we were sweating the whole time, and the food wasn't that great but it was free so I really didn't care and I did enjoy the cookies. The Carters definitley made the evening a lot more fun. One of the Highlights of the evening was seeing Kippy Duffin who I dont think I have seen since I left the condos 2 years ago. I love Kip she is so great, I love seeing old friends and catching up. It would be a whole lot easier if these people had BLOGS! I told her she needs one so we can keep in touch, so Kippy if you are reading this please take my advice I know many people would like to see your blog. We left at 4th Quarter since it was so hot and already 10:00. I think I need a break from football for awhile.


More Pics

Here are some more pictures I took tonight after Stephen mowed the yard, it was nice outside for once so I took some pictures of Jackson and Hudson on the grass. Which is Hudson first time on the grass, he seemed to like it. Also ever since I got the camera Jackson has been all about the pics, he smiles every time I get it out. Only problem is most of the time I am trying to take candid shots. Go figure, when I want him to smile and look at the camera he doesn't and when I don't want him to he does

Too funny

I was asking Jack where the remote was and this was his reply " Mom, how many times do I have to tell you!" Hmm I wonder where he got that from.

Poor Baby

Yesterday Hudson kept grabbing his ears and he was being a little fussy so I took him to the doctors to see if he had an ear infection. Luckily he did not, she let me know that he had some teeth coming in and a lot of times it has the same symptoms as ear infection since the pain travels up to their ears and they also experience runny nose and fevers. So he is doing fine but he still constantly pulling at his ears. At the doctors office they also weighed him and he is now 18lbs! The beginning of August he was 15lbs. 5 oz. he sure gained a lot of weight in a month ( it must be that he is actually getting some food since I stopped nursing ) I love my tubby little baby! After the doctors we went over to Kanoe so Jackson could play with his couisns ( though they were sleeping for the first hour that we were there) Hudson is also constantly spitting which I don't mind since he is just talking but he loves to do it while he is eating which is makes it very difficult.

Just one of the boys

The other night Stephen and Jackson were wrestling and messing around like boys do. Well Hudson was getting so jealous, he is always wanting to be in on the fun, but he is a little small for most things. Everytime Jackson would run out of the room Hudson would follow after him, but Jackson was just winding up to run at Stephen so Hudson would have to turn right back around and chase him, which kept continuing in that fashion. They were so cute playing together.

A little overboard

Ever since I got my new camera I have been taking a ton of picture course they are mostly pictures of nothing in particular. So here are a few I have taken. Clearly I am obsessed with feet, which if you know me you already know that.