New Years Eve

Well this New Year's wasn't quite as fun as it usually was, mainly because it was sooooo stinking cold outside. I went out to take a few pictures and that was all I could stand. I was also super tired. But I think the kids still had fun as they usually do, there is almost nothing that can keep them from playing with their cousins!


Christmas Day

trying to get a peek at the presents, don't worry I blocked them.
and they're off
not quite sure about this.
One of the fav.s is always the money that Santa leaves.
What Top Gun

This was definitely my favorite Christmas so far. Even the tiny budget we had we still managed to make all the kids happy. Jackson even said to me after "Mom I know Santa is real, because there is no way you would have been able to afford all that stuff." Thanks Kohls and Black Friday for making me look awesome. Of course once again Stephen bought me the perfect gifts with no money, at least this time I had something equally as good.
That morning we were able to relax at home while the kids went around looking at their friends toys and playing with theirs. This is the first Christmas since we have been married that we were able to just stay at home and it was soooo nice.

After that we headed over to my moms for some more family fun.

This is what entertains the boys every time we are at my moms. Yes throwing a ball into a kids basket.

The Whole Fam Dam


Christmas EVE

We started off this Christmas on the 23rd-Christmas Eve Eve. Which was so nice since this year we were able to be with all of our family without having to leave early or come late. Except that my dads family was out of town this year so we really missed them.

We had a blast at my dads, everyone was able to make it.

Christmas EVE at the Cummards
It was such a great night, the food was excellent as always.
The kids had a great time doing the nativity- Presley's first year
Hudson chose to be the cow! He loved it
This is J's second year being Joseph- he loves playing this party. I have no idea why, thought it might have to do with loving the spotlight ( like his mom)
J is just a bit of a ham
I love this picture because it is so exactly what happens every time the Cummards get together, in Any type of setting.
Davy and his "advice"
Presley decided to just love on Grandma Brenda all night
The Jon's had us this year
they really "GET" us

Money pants and Cereal- Stephen to a T
they also got me some "goodies" but I think I will be keeping those to myself

our Special visitor
after dinner dessert-sadly I made the dessert that night, but it didn't keep him from eating some of that too.

when we got home the kids got to open up their Christmas Eve pj's

It was one of those great nights, everything went so nicely and memories were made.