catch up!

If i wasn't using this blog to help me make their remembrance books I think i would give up all together. But since I am also way behind on their books I better get started before I forget everything.

There is nothing like finding your kids getting along so well. It sure makes my heart melt.

My oldest has finally lost his first tooth at age 6 1/2.
He was so excited. Grandma Cheryl had given all Posse a Tooth Fairy Book. It has all sort of neats things in it, stories, myths, facts, a tooth pillow, stationery for the tooth fairy and a chart.

Jackson woke up early to check his pillow and found 2 Quarters! What a lucky kid!
( even though he was expecting a dollar)
Guess he will have to loose another tooth.

Swim lessons

During swim lessons last year Hudson did so well. He never once cried and he always got right in and listened.
This time we had semi-private lessons ( from my from Katie) so I thought he would be great. The first 2 days he pretty much fought it the entire time and was scared to do everything. But by the end he was swimming great! He has continued to improve and now loves the pool and his teacher!
Pres on the other hand was a hot mess! She screamed for 2 wks straight and hated the pool the whole 2 weeks.

the second to last day during Hudson's lesson she monkey walked around the pool for a straight half hour. The next day we noticed blisters on her hands and feet- it was the saddest thing ever.

The day after her last lesson she started loving the pool again and goes around in her noodle everywhere.

After school let out we planned a trip to the Arizona Grand- and invited a long some family.
The kids had a blast, we didn't see Jackson the whole time, he was hanging out at the slides and hot tub! of course
Pres, Hud and I mostly hung out at the baby pool with the Le Barons, Suzy & Lance and Colin & Heather.
and of course some celebrities Grant Hill and Jason Richardson!

Kindergarten program-
Jackson and Ellie were in the back and were so funny! after every song the would look at eachother, throw their heads back and laugh.
Jackson also had a speaking part and did so GREAT!

j and his teacher Mrs. Skabelund

Grandma K
Grandma Cheryl and the rest of the Posse in Kindergarten

When he got home from his last day of school I had an end of the year present waiting for him that he Loved!
( this is him cheering for the water balloons)

Pres and I took a night out when the boys went to Father and Sons.
It was so much fun hanging out with her.