The Many Faces of Presley!

I love this Girl she is too much fun!


Independence Day

For the 4th we headed over to EAGER one of my favorite places. My grandma is from there so we get to see lots of relatives and have a great time in the cool weather. My fav. is the parade in the morning where all my cousins are staked out at the church where there is breakfast and fun.

Miss Independent

Waiting for Candy
Stuffing Candy into Pockets
This was pretty much Jack's attitude that morning, he refused to get candy because it was too hard and he didn't like That kind of Candy!
Hudson and the love of his life. While hanging out at my Aunt's Hudson discovered the horses in the back, well he spent the rest of the time out there, petting them, trying to get on them, talking and feeding them. He was in Heaven.

My Sweetie playing a mean game of Horseshoes!

Cabin Days!

A couple of weekends ago we took a trip up to my dad's cabin with my Mom and Jill and her kids. It was so much fun, the weather was PERFECT and the kids had a great time playing together. We grown ups also got to play games and watch SYTYCD.
Jackson learned how to play checkers and War
and miss Pres started walking, my mom was the first to see her and keeps reminding me. It was such a great trip I am sure glad the Tylers were able to come before they left for VB :(
These pics are dedicated to my sister Hayley. Who takes one EVERY place she goes! It took us awhile with the kids since the don't jump as high.

Here is my little Alien boy, every single one of his shots were like this.
I think Brody has serious potential to be a Male Cheerleader! He has great form!

This is us trying to get a group pic.

Presley's first Popsicle. She sure loved it till I took it away

Jill set up a Treasure Hunt that was a big hit. J is always begging me to do them.

Presley and her boyfriend Ronan. Making out all night

This is the kids while we were watching SYTYCD. on this little screen watching the movie ,they sat like that the entire time.

Fear The Hop

This year J got to do the MHS b-ball camp put on by the team. He loved every minute of it, which had to do a lot with the fact that he got to do it with his cousins. He would come home almost every day and show me all the cool stuff he learned like. " Triple Threat" and " Slides" shooting, figure eight! He was so proud of himself and got really into it. I must say I think he improved a ton as well. Thanks to all the great coaches. At the end of the season the put on a game for the kids. Complete with music, lineup, outfits and all. It was so neat to watch. J was constantly trying to steal the ball, when he wasn't doing anything he like to fold his arms.