J's preschool Graduation was so awesome. His teacher Mrs. K goes all out. They came in with their caps and gowns on and then performed all these different songs for us in between their individual speaking parts. Every time I would practice with J at home he seemed to mostly know his part but needed a little prompting from me and would always say it so quietly. I was a little nervous how he would do in public since he gets super embarressed speaking in front of an audience ( usually he just doesn't do it) but he did FANTASTIC he said it loud and clear and knew every word. The whole program he did so great he sang and danced and not once did he get embaresed. Mrs. K gave each child an individual reward based on them he got the "Smile Award" she said he is always good for a laugh and is always trying to make people smile. So he got the Whoopee Cushion ( which he has treasured ever since). Everything was so good and I couldn't help but cry a couple of times. Every time I would look at Jackson he was trying to get me to take a picture of him, so he would smile Super big. After it was over she gave all the kids Beach Balls that they could have all their friends sign as a sort of Yearbook, it was so cute, and a video with pics from the year which J has watched a million times.

Hamming it up
His precious Whoppee Cushion



A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was the BEST! The only bad part of the trip were the flights we had 2 there and 2 back, 2 of the flights were 4 1/2 hours. I am certain I will never fly with a One Year Old again. I had been nervous for a month about the flight, and sure enough my worst fears were confirmed. It was just as bad as I imagined even with the help of Stephen and my mom. But we got through it and no one on the plane seemed to really mind ( course on the way back Stephen said Jerry Colangelo put his headphones on to drown out the noise) I just wish we could have enjoyed our first class seats a little more. 

Once we got there the fun began. We mostly stayed at the resort and went to the pools. One of the kids pools was awesome with a mini waterpark in it. Only Stephen went on the Awesome slides they have since Jackson was too small and I was too big. We did the beach one day but Hudson really didn't like that so we didn't go back. But the water was so perfectly clear and warm. One day we took a ferry into town to go shopping and get some yummy food, since the resorts food prices were Unbelievably expensive ( luckily we had a kitchen in our room to cook most all our meals). They had a version of the Alley's there and me and my mom got some goodies. Stephen and J went around the entire time trying to find a Huge Blowing Sea Shell. There were aquariums all over the resort, which was the boys favorite Hud would get so excited every time we saw the marine life. One day we went and fed the Sea Turtles and Sting Rays. I think Hud's fav. part of the trip though was riding back and forth on the bus as soon as he saw it he would run to it get on run to the back, where we had to sit every time ( in Jack's captains chair he called it) then plop in his seat until the ride was over and we stopped, then he would jump up and run to get off.  It was such a fun trip, next time we go back hopefully we will be able to do a lot more. 

Here is one of the rare times Huddy is being good - of course he is watching Elmo's World
The first day there Stephen forgot Sunscreen and this is what he looked like the second day. Poor Guy
J's fav. thing to do on the beach was finding sea shells 
As you can see Hud is not to sure about the sand 

On the Ferry
J & S with their sea shell, they couldn't be more proud

Pooped after a long day in the sun
The favorite bus ride, and our Special Seats
Relaxing in bed watching T.V. 
We celebrated my Mom's birthday and Mother's Day while we were up there, here is my mom at her B-day dinner. This guy sang Happy Birthday to her and he was so awesome.

Here are our $8 pints of Ice Cream, that Stephen had to have
Hudson loved all the marine life, here is him with the turtles
J & H found a hidden speaker with music coming out of it, so they started dancing of course
Here I am feeding the Sting Ray, it was so awesome
Hud got a little scared
J of course loved it and did it twice

On the last day all the boys got these $2 matching shirts from stand on the dock. By the end of the day they were ruined, both the boys spilt pepsi on them, Hud got Tomato Juice on his and so on and so forth. 

My hubby dealing with the locals, he always prides himself in getting the best deal.


Happy Mother's Day

I love the Mother's Day Tea Mrs. K ( J's teacher) does every year. When we got there this year there were 11 portraits of their mom's drawn by the children and we all had to guess who's was who's. There were 2 that looked like J's and both were orange ( his fav. color) so I picked the first one. Right then I could see his face fall and I knew I had picked wrong he tried to whisper to me the right one but I already knew it. Then we played the "Newlywed Game" and he got nearly every question right. They were also asked "If they could get there mom anything what would it be?" Jackson answered " A purse! He knows me too well. 

Here are some more of the questions
  1. What is your Mommy's name? Crystal 
  2. How old is she? 25 
  3. How much does she weigh? 32 Lbs. ( close enough) 
  4. Color of your Mom's hair? Blonde ( I had just got blonde highlights)
  5. Her fav. place to eat? Ah-So ( I think it is more his fav. place to eat)
  6. Her fav. thing to play? She likes to watch movies ( oh how he knows me) 
  7. How much does your mommy love you? To 100 ( which is the highest of anything according to him)
  8. Why do you love your mommy? Because we workout together- like checking out the trees and garden ( which he does more with his dad) 
  9. What is your mommy's job? To take care of my brother.
After that they sang us songs, gave us the cookies they had frosted and a planted flower. I am going to miss this next year when he is not at Mrs. K's. 


15 Months

Yes this post is Uber late but oh well better late than never. So I wanted to talk about my baby and what he is up to right now. At this last check up he weighed in at 22lbs. and 9 oz. (20%) and his height was 34 in. (97%). 

Huddy is talking so much right now here are some of his many words
Ball,Momma, Dada, Banana (Nanna), Doggie, 
Thank You- He loves to say this anytime he gets something or something comes to him.
 Uh-Oh,Poo-Poo, Big Bird, Jackson, Bye-Bye
 Shoes- he loves to wear his shoes as well as anyone else's that he can find. 
He is still in LOVE with ELMOS WORLD, if anyone starts singing the song he will immediately stop what he is doing and run to the couch and hand me the clicker and wait for it to start. He could be in the worst mood and this would make him forget all about it and sit down for 15 min. 
Whenever I ask him where mommy's baby is he lifts up my shirt and starts blowing on my tummy. It is the cutest thing, I love my little Toe Head