Howdy, I just want to encourage anybody that doesn't already have a blog to do one. I love looking at my friends who have blogs already, looking at their pictures and hearing all about their families. I would love to be able to keep updated on all my friends and family. So please join in on the fun of Blogs, can't wait to see what comes!

Happy Birthday Shea Lea!

My good friend Shea Lea turned 26 today! She is also engaged, Congrats Shea Lea. Love ya

Isn't he Cute!

I walked in on Hudson today just laughing at himself. Don't you love when they do that. So I decided to get the camera and he kept on smiling. He is such a sweetheart.


Happy Birthday Katherine!

Just wanted to wish my good friend Katie Wilkins a Very Happy Birthday for the big 26! Hope it is a great one.





1 Month Old

Hudson is now a month old and as cute as ever. He is starting to smile a lot more, but as most moms know nothing is harder to catch on camera than a baby smiling. They love to do it right before and after. This is as close as I could get to a smile.

A match made in Heaven

I recently went to my girlfriend Jennifer Stayner's babyshower, where she had her new daughter Brynlee there, born December 27th. She is so super cute, what a great pair her and Hudson make, who knows what will come of this!

Jackson's Field Trip to Peter Piper Pizza

Jackson and Kai

For the field trip to Peter Piper the kids got to make their own pizza and take a tour of the kitchen Jackson loved it, he made a cheese, olive and mushroom pie. It was super yummy! He loves playing with the boys in his class, especially his new friend Kai.

Big Brother Jackson

Jackson is such a great brother. He is always wanting to give loves. Course sometimes it is too much, but he means well.


Photoshoot with Hudson

My best friend Angie and her husband Matt Sloan are photographers Sloanphotographers.com. They came over a couple of weeks ago to take some amazing pictures of Hudson. They turned out great, if anyone is in need of any photography you should definitely give them a call. Here are some pictures.