B-day Love

Ok. I know I couldn't be any later, I know excuses are lame but I have been pretty sick which is driving me crazy since I am usually not still sick. So hopefully this too shall pass. Well my BABY turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. On his birthday day we actually didn't do anythings since we were doing a party the next day. Hudson Birthday also falls on the same day as his Grandma Cheryl! So that night we had dinner at her place and Hudson enjoyed the first cupcake of the many to follow. I would also like to give a shout out to my mother in law Cheryl who is such an amazing M.O.L. I truly hit the in law lottery with her. She is such a great grandma and mother and so full of wonderful traditions i.e. Heritage Night, Grandmas Store, Yearly Assignments, Green Dinner, and so many others. I hope to carry on al of them.

Huddy's party was a blast, we had friends and family over for dinner and dessert and then ended with presents.

All the kids blowing out his candle
a taste
waving, he was waving at everyone with his frosting hands
digging in and loving it
Jackson helping him open his presents, he had been asking all day to help
his favorite elmo phone


the cummard family said...

my mouth is literally watering for one of those cupcakes. you know i love pink cupcakes! or any cupcakes for that matter. we have huddys b-day present. you'll like it more than him.

and sorry to be the one to break the news of being lactose. it was just an assumption at the time. it stinks that it may be a reality! it isn't as bad as it seems....except when you live so far. You'll have to keep a cooler of soy milk in your car-lol. oh and you may still want him to have small doses of dairy milk, that is what helps his tummy tolerate it. ok, I lied...it is bad. I hated when Q was lactose-I'm sure Hud will grow out of it by age two, they usually do.