That Boy

Latley Jackson has been so into coloring and I love it, considering it is such a quite form of play. He loves to draw pictures for everyone. Lots of times while he is drawing he will be saying what the drawing is like " I love my brother and mom and dad and they are a lot of fun to play with" and then he says that is what the picture means. He also loves to practice writing his letters and gets so excited when he gets them perfect, the other day he spent hours practicing the nearly every letter in the alphabet. I love this creative side to him all his pictures really show me what he is thinking, it is so neat.

Well on the subject of Jackson the other day I bought him some new flip flops for the summer a brown and black pair. I had him try them on and they fit and he said he like them. So the next morning right before school when he was getting dressed I gave him the new flip flops to put on, and he did then he said he didn't like them. Well I said to bad you are wearing them now lets go. In the car he threw a fit and took his sandals off claiming he hated them. I told him that they cost a lot of money and he is wearing them or paying me for them. So when we get into school he starts crying takes off his sandals and just cries. Telling me to go home and get new shoes. After about 10 min. he finally let me leave after Mrs. K said he could take them off when they were having circle time or sitting at the table. I was worried the whole time he was at school that I was going to get a call saying he won't stop crying and to come pick him up. But when I came to get him he had decided he LOVES his shoes! Mrs. K said he did take them off during the times she said and placed them neatly by his side.
He constantly does this everytime he gets something new he throws a fit and won't wear it until I make him and then by the end of the day ends up loving it. He did it with his long pants, his shorts, long socks, button up shirts, church shoes. Oh how crazy he can make me.


The Wilkins' said...

Haha, I love these kind of stories!