Happy Birthday Jill

My dear friend Jill turns 26 today! We have been friends since we were kids and have been through so much together we even got Married a couple of weeks apart had our first baby boys 6 weeks apart and now are having our 3rd child a couple of months apart. I am so glad we have so much to share. She just had her 3rd Baby Ronan a few days ago. We have been friends for such a long time. Some of my favorite things about Jill is that she is honest, and loyal. She is so dependable and is always willing to help out. She has a Big Heart and I am so glad we are still friends. I hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY
Rocking our super cute clothes 
Does she not look way too good to have just had a baby


the cummard family said...

an update-what!?! HBD Jill!

Brittney Smith said...

Happy Birthday to Jill!

The Tyler's said...

Those two people are disgusting!! But thanks for posting about my birthday! That was so thoughtful of you! Hopefully when things are a little less crazy we can go out and celebrate!!
(You know I'm going to go and dig up some great pics of you now!!)