4th of July Fun

To start off the weekend we got up to the cabin on the 4th and went to the Payson Fireworks show. This was our first time and other than the fact that it drizzled the whole time and we parked super far away and had to walk it was great fun. We were right under the fireworks and they were fantastic. Hudson got a little scared and then he decided to just lay on my belly and not even look. 

Sat. morning started with Wayne's Breakfast a Tradition at the Lebaron Reunion. It is bacon, with a piece of bread on it with a hole in the center that you put the egg all cooked on these burners. Now it is actually very tasty the only problem is that it takes about 10-20 min. to cook one depending on how good your burner is. Course this is actually a great way to keep from overeating! 

This was Hudson's first time helping with the cooking process and eating one, and he LOVED it.  

He also loved following the dogs around which he did all weekend
J was a bear to get up and out to cook, the only thing that got him in gear was telling him that Grandma was giving tickets for cooking. 
Stephen sat there for nearly 3 hours cooking 5 of those things he was so hungry.

During breakfast everyone went around asking the Cummards and the Big 5 what they loved to earn a ticket. Jackson had a blast getting tickets and giving them away. Every time someone asked me I said the same thing "Eating" but not J he said something different every time it was so cute. Steve's answer of course was Cold Cereal, and almost every time he would say that his cousins would say that they totally remembered that about him.

Next was onto Games and Crafts, we did Marshmallow Guns, Water Balloon Launchers, Fruit Loop necklaces, Don't Eat Pete game boards, Plates and more. I was in charge of M& M pictures ( which was the theme of the reunion)
Isn't he the cutest thing Ever!

Hud loved doing the launcher
He tried on the hands but refused the costume.
Here he is eating the fruit loop necklace big brother made for him, course I couldn't get J to put more than 5 on it so he finished it pretty fast.

That big old pull and then it dropped short.
That night all the families made a short video that we watched outside. 

Not quite sure about the watermelon bust. 
The Water Fight. Now when the Cummards decide to start a water fight no one is safe. Mother's, pregnant ladies and children. Whether you are in on the fight are not you are going to get soaked even by your own Husband. 

All of us soaked 
At night Grandma has a tradition of play-doh to wind the kids down. 
And now we have added Don't Eat Pete to the list. This was J's first time ever playing and he loved it course on his first turn he picked Pete first, a little sad luckily he didn't cry.
Hud of course loved it.

Cuddling with big cousin
Dirt Fight, the kids decided to start a dirt war, who knows why or why it would be fun but they threw dirt at each other, up into the air and onto themselves and had a blast. Grandma C said her boys did the exact same thing all the time in the exact same place.
Hud wouldn't get involved even though the rest of the babies loved it.

It was a great trip to the cabin filled with super dirty boys, and a lot of yummy food and games. 


Suzanne Cummard said...

Cute post Crystal. I am so sad that I missed out this year....
I coach on Wednesday nights & mornings- when are you being induced??
I want to be there- & I mean BE THERE!!!
I can not wait to meet HER!! (or him, just in case!!!)

Rhiannon said...

It looks like a ton of fun. I love how Hudson was standing off to the side because Phoenix doesn't that too. He likes to spectate more than get involve.