This year was the first year we didn't attend the annual Newport Beach trip with the Cummard's it was quite saddening. But J lucked out Kanoe & Parker offered to take him to help me out with the arrival of the new baby. I was so grateful for the help and so glad J got to go and spend time with all of his bestest friends his Cousins. I don't think he even missed me he had so much fun swimming all day and playing with his cousins. When he got home I asked him what he did and the first thing he told me was that he ate yogurt, mac and cheese, and cereal. Wow what a thing to remember, sounds just like me. Even though I was so glad for the break of having 3 kids I missed him so much I don't think I could do that again, and Hud missed him so much too. When J would call us though the person he wanted to talk to the most was baby sister! Here are some pics. Kanoe took. Thanks so much again Kanoe and Parker- J had the best time thanks to you.


the cummard family said...

it was a pleasure.