My Oldest

J is definitely my challenge, but sometimes he does things that make it sooo worth it.  
The other day at PPP, he was such a sweetheart. He was helping Huddy and Maddux out the whole time making sure they had tokens, tickets and prizes. He perfected the art of scavenging. I didn't give him one token but he made it out of there with a boat load of stuff. He scoured the floors for tokens and tickets, hopped on the carousel once it was already moving and even got the ticket guy to give him stuff that was worth way more than he had. By the end of the day he made it out of there with an airplane, ring, bracelet, bat ring for Huddy, & a lizard for Maddux. I gotta tell you I was pretty impressed.

Jackson loves learning in school, lately he loves to add things but for some reason he thinks that using his fingers is cheating or something since whenever I ask him to add something he either turns around or hides under the table to add it. He is such a cutie, and very smart.


Krystal Arnett said...

ha ha that is impressive and Matix totally hides too when he has to count on his fingers. Must be boy thing

AMIT said...

Impressive post.

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