Catch Up

Here we go again.
Here are some things we did this summer.
Hudson took swim lessons, which he loved he was so good and would just smile the whole time, making sure everyone was watching him.
His fav. part was getting the rings which he was Great at.

Here is his professional diving skills.

We took a trip to the mall park one day to get out of the heat. This was Presley's first time.
She was Miss Popular out there, all the kids crowding around to play with her, too cute.
One night after Hudson had gone to bed and brushed his teeth I went to check in on him and I saw a big black mouth, so I looked closer. He had stuffed and entire cookie in there. Crumbs were EVERYWHERE! I call him my little Cookie Monster, he is constantly sneaking into the pantry closing the door behind him, getting a handful of cookies which he puts behind his back as he comes out. He is just too cute to stop!
Father's Day