More December Fun

Decorating the tree

J's favorite part of putting up Christmas was definitely getting on the roof for the lights

The Annual Gingerbread House night @ Dave & Syd's
Hudson got a little more into it this year but for the most part just ate the candy

Presley was just eating the candy, I did get her to put couple on, that she just turned around and ate.
Candy anyone ?

Hudson's Creation
Jack and his Masterpiece

Letters to Santa,
it was so cute after he wrote his letter he circled each item.
Hudson wanted a birthday party! how cute. Bonus his birthday is Jan.10
Watching Santa arrive via Helicopter @ Junky Trunk
they were in awe

Hudson was truly amazed and so happy

Presley was not having it but did enjoy the toy and dancing to the music

November/December Happenings

November was a big month with lots of fun and exciting things happening.
We started it off with the Veterans Day Parade on Main St. The Cummards participate almost every year in the parade, we make a float and walk in it and throw candy.

This is seriously the best pic. I could get of them, not once were any of them smiling in them.

Presley making a friend and stealing his balloon

Hudson throwing the candy, he did such a good job at it.
Parent Lunch day with my Kindergartner. He was so excited to have me come. He picked Ned's for his meal and then after we went into the book fair where he got to pick a book,( Pout Pout Fish)
The best night of the month. New Moon Premiere. I had Enrichment that night so right after that got over I headed over to meet my fam at the theatre ( with my treats and homemade Edward t-shirt with me) Right after I got there we got right in and got great seats. Course then we had 2 more hours till the movie started, but it went by pretty fast and while I was super tired as soon as it started I woke right up. I am so glad I went it was a lot of fun and the movie was Perfect!
Thanksgiving with the Cummards
Cheryl had all the kids decorate their own table for their family. Jackson did ours and was so into it he did a great job!

Jackson won pin the tail the turkey

Popcorn throwing contest

Travis teaching all of us how to "Bust a coal"

How handsome is that guy!

Our Evening of Excellence night we did a cupcake table with all the colors of the values it was so cute and all of our cute pom poms we made!

A couple cute things Jackson said
in the car on the way home J told me he wanted to make a lot of money when he got older, I asked him why and he said so he can buy a Limo and a Mansion!

Steve has been spending the weekdays in Yuma and one day when he was talking to the kids on the phone J asked him "if he had grown a beard" since he hadn't seen him in so long ( my bro. Trav went away for 6 wks. and came back with a beard)