Christmas Continued

Every year we do Progressive Dinner with the Cummards so we have a chance to see everyone's cute decorations. This year was the best since we all live not only "in town" but within a mile from one another. I can't tell you how much better the holiday's are now that we live right next to family. Everything is easier and we can do more.

Here is our family at Progressive
Christmas Eve day- it was a pretty bad day, I woke up sick as can be ( which I caught from Steve who had it the day before). I was so glad I had gotten almost everything done before. Everyone helped out and we were able to get ready for the night and next day.

Here is Stephen making Santa's cookies with the kids.
Presley doing the Belly Bump
My dad got us all one, and I LOVE it. ( I knew I would)
Presley got this horse from my dad that makes noises and wags his tail. Oh my goodness she LOVED it! She seriously sat on it for 20 min. rocking as hard as she could.

We were supposed to only go to my dad's Christmas Eve this year, but after we were done we called Cheryl and they had just barely started opening presents ( which takes about an hour) so we headed on over there and got to spend time with the Cummards too which was nice.
Pres adored her new chair ( yes I know she has a lot of belly shots)
Cheryl gave all the boys a "Birthday Calendar" a tradition from their youth. A countdown for the week of your birthday with a coupon everyday ie. go out to eat with mom and dad, ice cream. What a great idea. She has a lot of them.
Setting out Santa's cookies.
Putting out the reindeer food.

Presley's dream come true. 3 plates full of food.

The Wahl's
The Ruttinger grandchildren

Pres's fav toys:
My little Pony's
Jack's fav Toys:
Super Mario Bros Wii
new shoes
Light Saber

Hudson's fav toys:
Presley's new best friend her talking My Little Pony. That sings her to sleep.
Christmas was a success, it was so nice being able to have my fam over for breakfast then getting ready going over there, coming back home. So much better than packing up early Christmas morning to spend the rest of the day in town.

After Christmas we finally were able to go and see the temple lights, the kids loved them and they were just as beautiful as they always are.


Cummards said...

So cute! How did I not know that you got sick on Christmas Eve?! That is the worst! One of Casey's friends of up here (a girl) is into My Little Pony and he is always asking to play with them, so it looks like I know what he will be getting into next time he comes over!

The Tyler's said...

I have a snuggie (I was one of the originals!) and I love it! Hope you enjoy it. I just saw that they now make leopard print and other colors! Hmph!
Your Ruttinger family is so beautiful! Seriously, Models!
I love the belly bump of Pres!
Love all the pics!