May Happenings

Here are some cute pics my uncle took at my mom's b-day party.

i love there faces in this one
In May, Hudson and his cousins graduated from Grandma C's preschool that she her 6th graders put on. It is only like 5 times but they love it.
They were also the youngest of all the kids in it. Most will be moving up to Kindergarten but they still have 2 more years.

They put on a production of songs they have learned, during the diploma parts. Presley weasled her way onto the stage and normally I would pull her off but she was being really good up there. My MIL kept saying " now this little girl gets to come up here since she is a grandchild"

here my niece putting lip gloss on pres mid performance. Gotta look your best!
Hudson receiving his Diploma
every kid was asked a series of question
# of people in family- 1
favorite color- blue
fav. candy bar-candy necklace
favorite animal- dog
t.v. show- clipper
fav. thing to do- gather eggs
fav. thing to do at preschool - recess
"if I were the boss of everybody I'd make everyone" - go outside

now I am not sure if the gather eggs meant, the chicken eggs he gets at grandmas or finding easter eggs -both of which he loves
Hudson didn't sing much he was pretty much in awe the entire time, he was almost in a daze. Pres got really into it and sang most every song with them even though she had never heard them, she did pretty well.
Each child had a buddy that stayed with them the entire time and this was Hudson's
the graduates
until next year.......


Me and my boys said...

Very cute!!!

Jenna said...

Your kids are soooo big Crystal!!!!!! Press is so cute! Are you so sad Ang is my new BFF in Cali????? LOve u