Good Times

After Sarah took Pres to get her nails done I couldn't wait to have my turn with her.
I wasn't disappointed, she is so much fun to go with. She sits there as still as can be and every couple of minutes turns to me with this little over the shoulder smile that melts my heart. I hope she is always this excited about it.

Monsoon Season
Oh how I love you, I believe my kids do as well

For the past 6 months the boys have been sleeping on a twin bed together.
(Hudson's bed is a pullout underneath this one)
This is how I found them one night.

The other night I was watching t.v and all the lights were out, when I noticed a shadow at the end of the hall. I got super freaked out and started walking towards it, when I realized it was Jackson. He was at the end of the hall facing the closet, course he wasn't just standing there, he was peeing! Apparently not only does he sleep talk but he also sleep Pees!

For my b-day Syd gave me the pancake pen, it is Awesome you can pretty much "draw" anytime shape pancake you want. So I decided each week that I would do the letter Hudson is learning in school that week. He loves it and I gotta admit it is pretty fun to eat a letter.


The Tyler's said...

Fun post. Miss you guys so much! Thx for coming and having so much fun!!

youngsters said...

how cute! i want that pancake pen..i've never heard of it before! what a great idea :)