Catch up!

How come I am always playing catch-up! Ugh I am such a procrastinator when it comes to blogs. So here are some pictures and things I wanted to remember.

My kids finally got some pillow pets ( after they found them hidden at the top of the closet!)
They then of course made them weapons!
Presley got potty trained a month ago and I am soooo happy about it.
It took her about a day to master it. She had about 1 pee accident- but never any poop one so Yea!
For the first 2 days every time she went she would make me read her this potty book & then she would read it.

Ward Easter Egg Hunt
since I was gone on Easter I was so glad I was able to go to this Easter egg hunt.
The kids loved it and didn't even mind having to give back the eggs, probably since they got to keep the candy inside!

I missed getting pics of Jackson since Presley started saying she didn't feel good, then layed down in the grass and then threw up. :( so sad
Hudson is usually my best dresser. He always picks out matching outfits and will also accessorize. But for some reason he thought this outfit would cut it at church.
My SIL Heather made this- how cute, she actually grew grass and then made the basket out of fabric. Man sometimes I feel sooo uncrafty! Luckily I have so many people in my life who are so good at it.
The only picture Stephen took on Easter-
I am just happy they actually got their basket, wore their Easter clothes and made it to church!
Sadly Stephen did forget to hide the eggs before the kids woke up- so Jackson didn't understand why the bunny didn't do it. uh-oh
Mother's Day

My favorite part of Mother's Day by far is the homemade gifts that my kids make at school. I love the questionares's they fill out, so honest and crazy.
This year was not exception.

I was obviously gone on a trip when Hudson filled this out
Jackson's class made cookbooks- I think J's was the best one. You could actually follow the directions and come out with a dang good sandwich! I guess his ambition to be a Chef might pan out after all.

btw- He loves pepperonis on anything