Almost Summer

I put the pics in backwards so if you are wanting to read this read from bottom to top.

Once the weather got hot it was a perfect time to take the kids to the Museum. They had so much fun and I really enjoyed spending the whole day with them.

I did a mini cooking class with some girls in the neighborhood, and Jackson! They loved it and so did I.
My Presley girl
with her new Baby Gaga from her B-day. Such a good mommy she is, buckling up her baby!

Right after her haircut that she loved and would tell anyone that listened about.
Memorial day swim party
We headed up to the cabin for Memorial Day

I love this pic it looks like Pres is about to back hand Hudson, rest assured that is not what was happening.

Aunt Suz had a little nail painting party. That made Presley's night!

Grandma C made a couple of cookie monsters for cabin.
Cookie Monster time is Crazy Time! There were 2 pans 20 spoons and a bunch of Very Hungry and wild Cummards! It took about 5 min for the plates to be spotless once again.

Hudson loves his cabin clothes, he gets so excited every time he picks something out of his drawer. They are all hand-me-downs, mostly from the cousins. He always asks " You got this for me! Thank you so much!" I absolutely love it.
He also loves to wear jackets that have hoodies, regardless the weather.

Popsicle party on the last day of school! Please excuse my super Ghetto sign. After Suzy saw it she insisted we make a summertime banner for our craft. Next year will be way cuter!
Jackson & Mrs. Nichols
The kids found some old stickers from Stephen's sticker book and had some fun with them.

Presley decided to get paint her hand, amazingly no nail polish got on anything but her! Close one.
We taught Jackson how to play Monopoly and he became Obsessed! He would ask to play everyday when he got home from school. I really wish Monopoly wasn't a Never ending game! One night we stayed up playing till past 10 till I finally made the boys stop!
We sure are going to miss Play Group in the summer.
This may or may not have been a bribe!
Hudson & J helped me put together this cute little flower pot for their teachers for the end of the year.
Huddy with Mrs. Sicely & Mrs. Heidi. We are going to miss these great ladies. Hudson loved going to class and always talks about how great his teachers are.
We helped out the Davy's at the Irving Snow Cone day, Pres sure enjoyed it. Who wouldn't love 2 snow cones at once.
Presley has been teaching herself gymnastics, I try to help but she will not let me. She has already gotten a gorgeous cartwheel and her handstand is almost there!

Hudson and his cousins graduated from Grandma C's preschool. Casey was in town and even though he didn't actually attend he was able to graduate with the rest of them.
Hudson and Casey could't stop playing with each other, they are the best of friends and whenever they get together they have the best time.

Jackson got his first All Star Award of the Year! He was so excited about it and for us to come and see him. He got a Math Masters Award, and a Service award for help in the Cafeteria! Way to go buddy.


Catch up!

How come I am always playing catch-up! Ugh I am such a procrastinator when it comes to blogs. So here are some pictures and things I wanted to remember.

My kids finally got some pillow pets ( after they found them hidden at the top of the closet!)
They then of course made them weapons!
Presley got potty trained a month ago and I am soooo happy about it.
It took her about a day to master it. She had about 1 pee accident- but never any poop one so Yea!
For the first 2 days every time she went she would make me read her this potty book & then she would read it.

Ward Easter Egg Hunt
since I was gone on Easter I was so glad I was able to go to this Easter egg hunt.
The kids loved it and didn't even mind having to give back the eggs, probably since they got to keep the candy inside!

I missed getting pics of Jackson since Presley started saying she didn't feel good, then layed down in the grass and then threw up. :( so sad
Hudson is usually my best dresser. He always picks out matching outfits and will also accessorize. But for some reason he thought this outfit would cut it at church.
My SIL Heather made this- how cute, she actually grew grass and then made the basket out of fabric. Man sometimes I feel sooo uncrafty! Luckily I have so many people in my life who are so good at it.
The only picture Stephen took on Easter-
I am just happy they actually got their basket, wore their Easter clothes and made it to church!
Sadly Stephen did forget to hide the eggs before the kids woke up- so Jackson didn't understand why the bunny didn't do it. uh-oh
Mother's Day

My favorite part of Mother's Day by far is the homemade gifts that my kids make at school. I love the questionares's they fill out, so honest and crazy.
This year was not exception.

I was obviously gone on a trip when Hudson filled this out
Jackson's class made cookbooks- I think J's was the best one. You could actually follow the directions and come out with a dang good sandwich! I guess his ambition to be a Chef might pan out after all.

btw- He loves pepperonis on anything


Our Spring Break in Thatcher

Stephen's job has him traveling a lot during this season. Since Jackson is in school we never have the opportunity to go with him. When I found out he was going to be in Thatcher during part of Spring Break I immediately decided we too would be going. Plus it is basically a free trip since he was going for business anyway. The kids were Super excited about staying in a hotel and couldn't wait to go swimming. So I set out to find a hotel with a heated pool. I found one but once we got there we realized the hot tub was out of commission and that heated just means "not freezing" but the kids didn't care they swam anyway!

If you know me you already know my deep love of the Gila Valley Area/Thatcher/EAC! While I couldn't wait to visit the sites and go walk my old campus, I was most excited to see my good friends MaryAnn Palmer Layton who I met while attending school. She now lives there again with her husband and 4 kids who are so awesome!

Our drive up
I thought a ding-dong would be nice
but apparently not a great car snack
this was way worse than it looks-we had to stop and shake him down
The Hotel-
By far my kids favorite part of the trip, apparently we could go anywhere and stay in our hotel the whole time and they would be ecstatic.

Jumping from bed to bed

I just love her faces in these

Jackson wasn't feeling it at this time, instead he was getting mad that everyone was jumping on top of him

Hudson wanted to have his picture taken by himself
One morning we took a drive up Mt. Graham and found a place to hang out for awhile.

The kids had a blast climbing rocks

getting in the stream
( Pres insisted on getting completely undressed- which lasted about 5 min.)
finding Rocks
But the favorite was the splash game.
Throwing rocks into the stream to see how much you could splash everyone.

Pres chillaxing with her apple
Don't judge my parenting

if you look closely you can see the beautiful butterfly that kept circling Presley's head

Another great hotel pro was the key card doors
The boy were constantly racing there to open the door with the card!

While Steve was working we spent our time with the Layton family. They were so much fun, they fed us, entertained us & transported us.
Here we are at the Palmer farm
my kids love petting the animals and feeding the horses

The golf cart ride
Wii dance was the favorite
I have never seen my kids play it and had so much fun watching them
Jackson insisted I "Verse" him ( too cute)
I did and man that game is tiring
Pres with the girls playing

My dear friend MaryAnn
We had such a great time and I hope we can come back again!

On the way home I found a hole in my purse
Can you believe all the stuff that was in there. No wonder it was so heavy.
I was so excited I am notorious for loosing chapstick and when I saw that they have all dissapeared in my purse I was ecstatic.