Mother's Day

For preschool Jackson's class had a Mother's Day Tea. It was so sweet all the Mom's came and they had stuff they made us, a song and cookies. His teacher Mrs. K is so great she always does the funnest things. She set up a small version of the "Newlywed game" where she asked the kids questions about us. Jackson knew my favorite color was green but was a little of on the other 2. He thinks I am 20 years old and my favorite place to eat is McDonalds!
Here are some other questions
Why do you love your mommy?- Because she plays toys
What does your mommy do best?-She cleans, and paints and makes good presents
What is something your mommy always tells you?- Clean up
What is your mommy's job?- Do laundry
What is your favorite thing to do with your mommy?-Play cars
Here are some funny answers from the other kids in the class
Why do you love your mommy?- Because she paints the walls, because we kiss and hug-Carli
What does your mommy do best? She drives good. She likes to-Aidan
What is something your mommy always tells you?-Play on the computer-Joey ; She tells me secrets-Owen; She tells me to jump-Kai
It is so great to be a mom. I hope I always remeber all the special things we do together.


Lynsey said...

Crystal-If I would have known you stopped being my friend because my mom stopped buying the blue rasberry tootsie rolls, I would have had her by more!!!j/k hahahaha!! I see how it is!!!!Seriously that is the funniest thing, mel and I were laughing so hard. I totally remember those tootsie rolls they were so good, no wonder why you used me for the tootsie rolls!!!!

chris+amber said...

I LOVED it when Kamalani did that last year with Addi. I still have the little booklet she put together for the moms with all the kids' quotes. It's so fun to see what kids come up with about their moms. It was fun bumping into you at the mall last week. You look great and your boys are just too cute!

Sarah's Nonsense said...

Too cute. I love finding out what kids think. There's a lot of thinking going on in most of those little heads!

Unknown said...

I love to read things like this! All of the answers were so cute. I'd probably be nervous to hear some of Noah's answers about me! I'm so glad you finally posted some more. The blogging world has been a little boring lately.

The Wilkins' said...

So fun - you're a great mom Crystal. I love those questions and answers. It's always hilarious what they come up with. At least Jackson didn't answer the "what is your mom the best at" quetsion with, "Watching TV." :)

matt sloan said...

Happy Mothers Day Critter!!!

The Tyler's said...

That is so cute! I would be a little nervous for what Brody would say about me. Hope you had a great Mothers day! When do you want to go to the pool this week?

Meggs said...

That is absolutly hilarious. Kids are so cute. Seriously your boys are darling.