Shea Lea's Shower

Shea Lea, Wendy, Frances, Maryann, Allie, Crystal, Jamie
Leah & Jennifer

Here is Shea's Family and fiance Jenny, Callie, Shea, Garret, & Caitlyn

Isn't she gorgeous

One of my best friends Shea Lea Carlsen is getting married next week and she came down this week from Utah so I got to throw her a bridal shower. This is the first time I have gotten to do one of these, so it wasn't perfect but hopefully I will get better. If I can ever get people to come out to my house again. Nobody knew where I lived before they came or I think they might have decided not to come, since it was during the worst part of the day I wanted to say thank you to Allie Jones who made the trek all the way from Avondale! What a trooper. It was so great to see all of my friends from EAC (that's right the coolest community college ever!) They are such a great group of girls, here are some pictures of the night.


The Wilkins' said...

Congrats to Shea Lea! Crystal looks like you did a great job of throwing this shower! I'm sure it was perfect. Go EA! :)

Mary Ann said...

It was so fun to see you last night! I love EA!! You did a great job on the shower. I love to hang out with you... see you soon

Suzy Cummard said...

Shea Lea looks so cute, of course. Good luck to her.
Crystal, it looks like it turned out really cute. Good Job, i am proud! J/K

Unknown said...

WOW!! I seriously didn't recognize SheaLea her hair was long and she looked different. Of course in a beautiful way. I wish i could of been there, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Shea Lea!!! She is tiny! She looks beautiful!

Julie Jan said...

K- I don't know anyone in the pictures but I was enlarging them to see your beautiful house and all your decorations. It looks so nice. You are a great decorator. Do you get help from Suzanne?