Cabin Fever

For P-dogs birthday we went to the swimming hole, this is as far in as Jackson would venture. He is quite the cautious one when it comes to some things.
This is after the swimming hole, we all went to Taco Bell a little white trash!

Here is Jackson & Baby Sally
Here are the babies, Jonnie, Hudson, Sally, Logan and Tilley. We substituted baby Logan for baby Casey (Lee and Sarah's which wasn't born yet)
These are the cousins throwing rocks up in the air for the bats. Whatever that means. About 2 minutes later Grumpy Pigs were spotted and it went crazy everyone running for their lives, poor Conway got left behind while his mother ran into the cabin. Don't worry Aunt Syd rescued him. The rest of the night the adult women had to be walked to their cabins and rooms for fear of an attack from the Grumpy's.

Here is my handsome boy all dirtied up.
Well the weekend before the 4th of July we went up to the cabin and stayed until the 4th. It was a grand old time. We played games, ate tons and even celebrated Parker Jr's. B-day on the 3rd. Here are some highlights from the trip.