Independence Day

Chandler, Jackson and Brayden watching the fireworks, this lasted only and couple minutes before the kids all went inside to play.
Sarah Carter
Me and my baby
Justin & Daisy
The Richins family
On the 4th we invited some friends and family over to watch the fireworks and eat some food. It went pretty well except at around 9:00 everyone was doubting that we could see the fireworks from our house, even though I was positive. Since I see them 3 times a year from Schnepf Farms. Course at around 9:15 even I was gettting nervous, but the started right after that. We also mad homemade Chocolate Banana Ice Cream that never ended up stopping so we had to just take it out, it was freezing and pretty hard but it still tasted great. Thanks to everyone that came for making it such a fun night.


Sarah's Nonsense said...

Fun times! I thought the ice cream was yummy. You should eat it that way everytime!