January Happenings

Well it has been an eventful month but I have been a terrible blogger so I am going to try to summarize. During this month Jackson went back to Preschool with Mrs. K and also started with Grandma Cheryl who does 6 classes for preschool kids that her 6th graders put on. He and all the Posse go ( which are his cousins that are the same age) he had such a fun time for his first one, though it was a little stressful for me since it was from 9-11 in town, and then I had to drive right back home to take him to Mrs. K's at 11:45 but it was worth it since I know he loves it. This month we also went to the Zoo, I think this is the first time we have ever gone when it was such cold weather but it was so much nicer than the heat stroke we normallly get. The Zoo trip was quite an adventure, we drove with Jill, luckily, or it would have been a LONG boring ride. I think it took us nearly 2 hrs. from Jill's house which is in Chandler not QC. We got lost a million times and at one point were as far North as Peoria at the Point South Hilton. We eventually got there and stayed longer than usual since we were so slow. Hudson had a blast he loved when he could see the animals and especially the Spider Monkey place where you get to go in a get right next to them, he kept pointing at them and laughing. It was a fun day but hopefully next time it won't be ALL Day. Also for the first time I learned how to make bread and I made some. Jill invited me over for a Bread day to teach me the ways. We started off by grinding the wheat and then she taught me how to do it, I don't know how good I did but they turned out Yummy. I hope I can keep it up. Ever since we got married Stephen has been asking me to make homeade Wheat bread so I guess it is about time. I also got an Amish Bread starter and just made that a couple of days ago, also very good and way easy. I hosted Bunko this month and made Cheese fondue and had a chocolate fountain. Yesterday some of my friends from High School came over and we were able to hang out and talk with the kids running around it was a great day. This month has been great, my goal next month is to blog more.


My Little One Year Old

That is right my baby is One Year Old. He is just the cutest thing and more fun than ever. He is such a person now now and I just love it. He is my little Climber ever time I turn around he is climbing up the steps in the bathroom, or the chair in his room, the stairs at my moms house and on the desk at Cheryl's, or on Jackson's bed. One of his favorite games to do ever since he learned how to climb on and off the couch is to throw something up there then climb up and get it throw it back down and do it all over again. He also still loves Elmos World, putting it on is the only thing that can calm him during a tantrum or make him sit down laugh and dance for 15 min. He also loves music and dancing and is always boping to the music. He has now learned how to open doors and goes into the pantry about 10 times a day gets a box of cereal and brings it to me to get some out for him. Yes he is as obsessed with Cereal as dad and big. brother. Course we just learned that he may be lactose intolerant so he has been taken off milk and is strictly on soy milk and other liquids besides milk. So No more cereal with dad. Which used to be his favorite time of the day. Huddy LOVES his daddy and as soon as he hears his voice when he gets home he is running as fast as his little legs will take him with a HUGE grin on his face to see him and cuddle. He is also now walking which started the same week as his birthday, and he looks so cute while doing it. He is such a happy baby and almost everytime I take him anywhere he is just perfect, he is also so loving towards other people, Jackson was already such a rough houser at this age so the change in pace is quite refreshing. In fact most times he is the one getting pushed around, he hasn't learned to fight back which is such a blessing. Some of his favortie toys are the new Elmo phone which we got him for his birthday, the little pillow to the tiny kids couch at Grandma Cheryl's which he holds onto constantly, his fire truck, his balls which he carries everywhere, his binkies which he can carry around 4 at a time. He loves to talk and will just sit there practically yelling at you like you understand I love it. He hates to be thrown in the air or thrown back , he gets scared so easily. He loves dogs. He is my little man and I can't wit to spend the next year with him.

B-day Love

Ok. I know I couldn't be any later, I know excuses are lame but I have been pretty sick which is driving me crazy since I am usually not still sick. So hopefully this too shall pass. Well my BABY turned 1 a couple of weeks ago. On his birthday day we actually didn't do anythings since we were doing a party the next day. Hudson Birthday also falls on the same day as his Grandma Cheryl! So that night we had dinner at her place and Hudson enjoyed the first cupcake of the many to follow. I would also like to give a shout out to my mother in law Cheryl who is such an amazing M.O.L. I truly hit the in law lottery with her. She is such a great grandma and mother and so full of wonderful traditions i.e. Heritage Night, Grandmas Store, Yearly Assignments, Green Dinner, and so many others. I hope to carry on al of them.

Huddy's party was a blast, we had friends and family over for dinner and dessert and then ended with presents.

All the kids blowing out his candle
a taste
waving, he was waving at everyone with his frosting hands
digging in and loving it
Jackson helping him open his presents, he had been asking all day to help
his favorite elmo phone


New Years

for New Year's Eve we decided not to host the annual party at out place since I have been feeling sick and didn't feel like having anyone over. So Kanoe and Parker did the honors this year. It was a fun night night with tons of food. Course I wish I had been feeling better and wasn't so tired. Also Huddy didn't really go to sleep though he did have about a half hour nap around 11 but was up for the midnight festivities. Jackson had a blast riding quads, hanging out by the fire and watching firecrackers. I pretty much did not see him the whole night. In retrospect I probably would have sent Stephen and Jackson to the party while I stayed home with the baby and slept. The next day I woke up earlier than I would have liked to, to have breakfast with some girls from High School ( Katie, Jules, Amber, Amanda and Ali) we went to Paradise Bakery and had a blast, I truly love hanging with the girls and reminiscing. After that Stephen and I took Jackson to see Alvin and The Chipmunks which he has been talking about for months. We never see movies especially not all together and it was so nice to go, he loved it. After that my mom had us over for dinner and hot cocoa outisde by her new fireplace, it was a blast. And I had been CRAVING Pei Wei. ( actually craving eating out of a take out container from Pei Wei.) A couple of days later we finally had our annual holiday party with my girlfriends from school. Hillary hosted it this year and did a great job, Stephen is always trying to get us to do a girls only party but we keep insisting it be a couple party. During the gift exchange Stephen even chose his own gift, Pirates gift card of course. It was a great night I love my friends and hope that we keep doing this.