That Boy

Latley Jackson has been so into coloring and I love it, considering it is such a quite form of play. He loves to draw pictures for everyone. Lots of times while he is drawing he will be saying what the drawing is like " I love my brother and mom and dad and they are a lot of fun to play with" and then he says that is what the picture means. He also loves to practice writing his letters and gets so excited when he gets them perfect, the other day he spent hours practicing the nearly every letter in the alphabet. I love this creative side to him all his pictures really show me what he is thinking, it is so neat.

Well on the subject of Jackson the other day I bought him some new flip flops for the summer a brown and black pair. I had him try them on and they fit and he said he like them. So the next morning right before school when he was getting dressed I gave him the new flip flops to put on, and he did then he said he didn't like them. Well I said to bad you are wearing them now lets go. In the car he threw a fit and took his sandals off claiming he hated them. I told him that they cost a lot of money and he is wearing them or paying me for them. So when we get into school he starts crying takes off his sandals and just cries. Telling me to go home and get new shoes. After about 10 min. he finally let me leave after Mrs. K said he could take them off when they were having circle time or sitting at the table. I was worried the whole time he was at school that I was going to get a call saying he won't stop crying and to come pick him up. But when I came to get him he had decided he LOVES his shoes! Mrs. K said he did take them off during the times she said and placed them neatly by his side.
He constantly does this everytime he gets something new he throws a fit and won't wear it until I make him and then by the end of the day ends up loving it. He did it with his long pants, his shorts, long socks, button up shirts, church shoes. Oh how crazy he can make me.


Orange Pickin

A couple of Monday's ago after Stephen and Jackson finished their work day we met up at Grandma Cheryl's and when I got there they had started the picking and the juicing. Now I don't love fresh squeezed Orange Juice since I really Hate Pulp, but my thoughtful Husband double strained all the juice just for me so there would be no pulp. And let me tell you there wasn't any. It was such a nice day to be outside in the beautiful weather with the smell of oranges all around. I really love Spring.


Valentines Day

What a great day of Love we had. We started off with a Valentines breakfast Pink Heart Pancakes. Which the boys loved then they checked out their baskets. After that we picked some flowers for Grandmas and the teacher. Wrote out Valentines for Jackson's class. Jackson had a Valentines party where they passed out treats and cards, he loved it and when I picked him up he told me that Addy and Calvin are getting married, I wonder what happened in class. After that we headed into town where we went to Grandma K's with her flowers and a Sweetheart Blast from Sonic. After Grandma Karens we Stephen took Jackson to Grandma Cheryl's store where strangely he picked out some sort of pretty princess decoration he says it isn't for him though. Lets hope not. For dinner that night we went to Colin and Heathers with my mom for a Wonderful Feast, since I was having Travis babysit I thought I would get him and the boys a Heart Shape Pizza from Papa Johns, when I called they said they only made the heart one in a large and that it was $ 15 I thought that was a lot but I wasn't paying for a baby-sitter so I thought what they heck ( I know I am so cheap) When we got the pizza it was smaller than a small and thin crust which they didn't tell me about either I felt pretty jipped. Dinner was so good and nothing is better that hanging out with those you love especially having a night with my husband without kids,( course Travis called 4 times in 2 hours to tell me that he was bored and Hudson kept walking around ) I don't know if I will be using him again. All in all a great day of Love.


B-Ball Boys

Since the weather had gotten so nice we have finally journeyed outside. Jackson never goes outside to play since he never had anyone to play with but these last few days now with Hudson to play with they have been going outside constantly. One of the first things Hudson does in the morning is hand me his shoes so he can go out to play. I got out the basketball hoop and Hudson was ecstatic he loves playing with balls just like his brother.

Everytime there is a camera out Jackson wants to take me to take a million pictures of him
As soon as his brother got a big ball Hudson had to have one to
What is a day outside without some damage


Last week Jackson went riding and shooting with his cousins, uncles and dad. They had a blast course all that fun always makes for a couple of Owies. While riding on a quad Jackson ran into a cactus, Shocker! ( like mother like son). Also while firing a gun the kick was too much and went right into your chest. Poor Baby what a rough day, even after all that all you could talk about was how much fun you had.
The cactus


Peter Piper Pizza Fun

For Jackson's field trip this quarter they went to Peter Piper Pizza to make their own pizzas, he did this last year too so he was an old pro. But he had just as much fun and loved eating his pizza. He had a blast playing the games and Hudson followed him everywhere trying to get in on the action.


Happy Chinese New Year

For the Chinese New Year Mrs. K had the kids make paper plate dragons and invited the parents for a Parade. When the kids came out behind their dragons the were all Growling as loud as they could. They loved it!